Best Sandbox User 2020: Nominations122

jacobkrin2mon 2d

Yeah I might've forgotten to make this thread a few days ago, but I realised that at this rate it'll start by 2021, so it's time for Best Sandbox User 2020!

As per usual, this first thread is the nomination thread, where you nominate people by commenting who should be a part of this competition for this year's best user!

Like other years, unless you specifically request not to be in, you'll be included.

Without further ado, here's the basic info:

Almost every nominated user will be taken in mind. And I will add users that weren't nominated but I feel like they deserve to be in the competition. This competition is also supposed to be a Sandbox thing. So users that mainly play in other lobbies will not be taken in mind.

This competition is supposed to be about current players, or at least players that added a lot to the site in 2020. People who haven't played much or at all since 2019 shouldn't be nominated.

I will need a certain specific amount of players, so there is a chance that not everyone nominated will be in the final competition, but I will try to add the big majority, and I will ask people who they think are the less deserving of being in the competition out of the ones in doubt.

Ideally I'd need a total of 160 or 192 or 256 users, but we'll see how it goes, there are ways to handle it if there are less or more than that.

The 2 of each group that pass to the next round will be passed on to the next round and from there on it will be a regular bracket tourney, made in Challonge.

The nominations will last until November 30th, 6PM GMT - or 2 weeks after this thread's up.

Competition link:

jacobkrin1mon 13d
i didn't forget about this, i just needed to get more people, so i'm making the next thread tomorrow, giving me time to add all 256 people to a google form
jacobkrin1mon 12d
here's the groups thread:
Who is the best "Best Sandbox User" winner?