The Queens Gambit10

Watch it! It’s the bees knees!

DkKoba8d 10h
krista8d 9h
good thread!
good thread!
Thanks I really tried hard on this one
Linke8d 2h!
And even pause the video now and see what Beth played... if you found it, you are indeed an excellent player of openings, and yes at this moment Beth naturally opts for B4, which is of course the Evan's Gambit, and it is also at this moment, on move 4, that Vasily Borgov resigned the game, so yeah, that's the game, I hope you enjoyed.
wink7d 19h
seriously a great series, highly recommend it
meg7d 14h
you dont even need to know how to play chess for the show to be amazing
Linke7d 8h
Mister! He sacrificed his Queen!
Linke7d 8h!
Would give the series a 4/7 for non chess players and a formidable 5/7 for chess players.
elliotica7d 7h
^^^ I laughed way too hard at that!