Does anyone want to play mafia8

Nano2mon 16d

over discord video? or at least audio? I want to try some of the usual comp setups in "real" mafia. classic, cry n spy(probably just use text for crier), Jan 2, stbs, etc.

Who would be interested/ has no one done this yet?

natuNov 11, 2020
i might be interested not fully commited tho but i would say that i would say most people on the site would prob not be comfortable video calling but probably voice
StyleNov 11, 2020
I already have like 7 people but could use alot more. epicmafia is pretty dead and something like this is new but still incorporates the old setups and could be good for the site
LinkeNov 11, 2020
Very interested B)
NanoNov 11, 2020
ObjectNov 11, 2020!
You can play on Arcmafia if you're ok using our roles. We have most of the classical EM roles.

Voice mode is built in and works
NanoNov 11, 2020
Object, I saw that and took a look
flippingkittiesNov 12, 2020
yess id be down!
NanoNov 15, 2020