Sandbox Secret Santa interest check30

aquarius2mon 8d

Heyo for the past few years I've hosted secret santa for the sandbox community and I'm wondering if people still want to do it this year. You can buy gifts that are either physical or digital or you can make something for someone (like art). It would probably start earlier than usual because I anticipate mailing systems internationally to be inundated due to the pandemic. I'll probably put an emphasis on digital gifts to avoid the headache if it turns out mailing takes a long time.

Just comment below if you're interested and let me know if you have questions about it, there are also threads from previous years you can search for!

zoellaNov 14, 2020
yes i would love this plz!!! :D
aquarius1mon 24d
bump. will probably start this at the beginning of december
Coffeeditto1mon 24d
i would be the down
pip1mon 24d
i would love to participate also
i would be down!!
i want to participate!
purplelizard1mon 24d
this sounds nice
purplelizard1mon 24d
lemme know when start
litty1mon 21d
yes but id stick w digital for both giving and receiving :)
waht is a secret santa
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