Superlatives Nominations: Year 728

jacobkrin2mon 8d

Now that the categories have been decided, it's time to nominate people for each category! This part will last for about a week, then we'll go onto the final part, where we decide upon the users most people agreed with for this thread!

Here's the link for the categories!:

After voting, please DM me either on here or Discord.

If there are any ties, I'll either make a thread about it or get someone who hasn't written in the form to do it!

Like last year, questions for the categories can be skipped!

If you submit numerous forms, it's very likely the latest version of the one you've submitted will be used.

If you want to use just one name for the entire form, that's an idea, but maybe not the best one? It's definitely preferred to use multiple names though! However, this will be decided at my discretion, so if you use the same person numerous but not too many times, I'll allow it!

daejeon21d 13h
we'll find out the 2020 winners in 2021 <3
Sheffrey12d 5h
any minute now
TedTonate12d 5h
December 31, 2021?
Tree12d 2h
Vote Tree for all categories :)
Towncriers11d 11h
nominate caitelatte and pikachuUWU for cutest user
bobert78911d 11h
nominate me for best at epicmafia itself
Shoopie1d 11h
I am most likely to veg but be pretty doing it.
Write in.

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