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Hey lads

I just had a role idea so i'm gonna create a topic, post this idea, call it a "role idea" thread, then never come back, ok? thx cool

Nah i'll try to post other stuff tbh. My role ideas would be roles that can be used in comp.


  • When this person is killed by the mafia, a message will publicly name a random person still alive.
  • The message cannot contain the mafia who led the meeting.
  • Message example : "I, [my name], will all my belongings to [random name]"
  • Sided with the village

Interpretation : Basically the role is a very nerfed version of oracle/loudmouth. If they die during the night, they will just out someone who isn't the mafia who led the kill. They are really threatening when the setup forces a specific mafia to lead kill (ninja ninja) or when there's only one mafia left. And they have no effect if they get lynched.

In some heavily scumsided setups, I can totally see blues being replaced by notaries to help town a bit.

Discuss, or just come here to post a doge it's cool

TorreadorNov 10, 2020!
- If this person is lynched, all mafia instantly die
- If this person is killed, this doesn't happen
- Sided with the mafia

Interpretation : a maf-sided prez. It can be used for meme setups, but it's has real value in one thing : forcing setups where mafia has to define a strategy to let someone carry. This is something that is lacking in today's comp. In today's comp, while there are roles that should be protected (hooker in tsib, lawyer in janitorial...), there is no rule set in stone to do so, and mafia has nothing actually forcing them to let someone else carry. Some players, even among the greatest, have no idea how to play to protect their partners. So for that reason, I think this role, and a setup around it, will be very interesting to see.

The twist about the kill allows the role to make interesting choices in setups with sheriff or bomb.
TorreadorNov 10, 2020
- If 3 people are still alive, will become naked
- On death, appears as vanilla mafia
- Sided with the mafia

Interpretation : the opposite role of the elder, but the role would be used somewhat the same way. A mafia role that must get himself out of the game before 3way, or mafia loses. Playing as mafia to voluntary sac yourself early on is truly a lost art (was it ever an art tbh), and this role would teach people to do that a bit more.

The "appears as nilla" thing could be a hedge in miller setups.
TorreadorNov 10, 2020
Elite Hooker
- Visits someone once during the game
- That person will be roleblocked that night, and for the rest of the game
- Cannot visit during the first mafia meeting of the game
- Sided with the mafia

Interpretation : An even stronger version of hooker, which basically hooks for the entire game once. The goal here is twofold : it helps setups where PRs are OP due to the fact they can just act everytime, but if they could act once, the setup would be balanced. Second part is to make setups where PR hiding is encouraged for town, due to having the potential upside for multiple reports/multiple items
Role doesn't work on "native" item prs, such as sheriff/bomb/bp, i think it would be too absurd if it did.

TorreadorNov 12, 2020
Call Boy
- Once per game during the day, selects someone.
- During the next mafia meeting, will see this person's meeting in real time
- Will appear as visiting this person during the night.
- Sided with the mafia

Interpretation : A stronger stalker. You will not only have an idea of the role you stalked since you see the meeting name (Cop meeting, etc..). The stronger variant is that when you know which meeting is being done by town, you can act around it : is doc saving cop? is cop checking someone, for framing/lawering? Etc. The role cannot tell apart sw/blue/miller, so...

Probably can't be created due to mechanic shenanigans (the counterstrat to this role is to wait kicks to select your meeting as town, which is just veg and reports waiting to happen) but meh
TorreadorNov 12, 2020
The basic forum mafia roles could have use ofc, so i'll just put them here

if lucid comes back i hope he comes here first before spending time on other resurrection roles no one ever uses :doge:

- During the night, can visit someone
- Will receive a report saying Vanilla if the person is either Villager or Mafia, or Not Vanilla if it's any other role
- Sided with the village

Innocent Child
- On day 3, will become naked
- Appears to self and others as a villager
- On death, appears as a villager
- Sided with the village

Universal Backup
- When any village-sided role not Villager, Sleepwalker, Miller, Loudmouth or Suspect dies, you will become a copy of that person's role the following morning.
- You will still use this power if the person killed's role is not revealed
- If multiple roles die at the same time, the priority is given to the person killed by the Mafia factional kill.
- Sided with the village

These roles are self explanatory i one isn't

- If alive in the beginning of the game, power roles can only use their action once during this game
- This affects all power roles sided with the Village or the Mafia
- Appears to self and on death as a villager
- Sided with the village

This is an easy way to make the "one shot" PRs that we have for balance, while still working in this website's framework. One shot PRs are cruelly needed for balance.
TorreadorNov 12, 2020!
And since i had that idea...

- While alive, mafia cannot communicate during the night
- Appears to self as Villager
- Sided with the village

Role to prevent mafia from communicating during the night, for town balance and in setups that can quickly get out of hand if mafia can do multiple stuff. Miscommunication is often the quickest way to a mafia loss, so this effectively forces mafia to do optimal strats most if not all the time. Also prevents jan from telling what's janned.

- While alive, guns cannot be shot
- Gunshots will fail, no one will see firing messages, and the people keep their guns.
- Sided with the mafia

This is interesting, because it effectively turns sheriff strategy on its head. Sheriff is often used in a "gunshot first, then clear" role. In this way, the gun cannot be shot before Bureaucrat is dead, so it becomes "lynch to get the gun as ML"
This role can actually even cc sheriff without fear, since sheriff can't shoot him.
It might actually be too strong... :thonk:
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