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this is mostly a thought/reflection and inspiration dump for things that don't fit in any journals or other private #spaces

i'm not good at organizing my thoughts but it's also easier for me to realize my ridiculousness and self-correct when there's public access to my """""personality""""" (citation needed)

please feel free to stop by, read me for filth, check out one of the books i'm reading because i will be talking about them here, and if you feel so inclined, you may ask questions or stop by for a chat. idk how i feel about offering opinions bc my opinions on people change day to day #justlittlemutablethings but if we know each other i'm happy to offer a pick me up if and whenever you need it!

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buying school supplies is honestly the greatest high on earth.

i bought a sturdy 5 subject from staples, some of my favorite pens from amazon, three planners (to see which one i like best, the other two i will most likely give away or donate mb bc who needs three planners), and i just need sticky and tab notes left.

i may buy more pens. i have problem.
"how'd you know i'm a virgo?"
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favorite planet from the 1990s solar system

i will not support the space force

the space force is a bad idea
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