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Skittlez15d 20h

Is this a dead trend? YES SIR! Do I care? NO SIR! As you can tell I'm incredibly bored and want something to do while I have to wait 20 hours for a game to fill on this website. So please feel free to drop a comment and I can rank you. If you want me to answer questions I can do that too or I can rate you on your personality. I don't know where I'm going with this but just drop a comment and I'll do something with you. Scouts Honor!

WALUlGl10d 22h

answer as truthfully as possible
Squirer10d 13h

answer as truthfully as possible
8/10, great at scumtellling and coasting
Skittlez9d 22h
hi ready to be ranked last
Honestly haven't played with you a TON but you aren't the worst player I've ever seen but you could definitely use some work :/. Biggest advice is try to take initiative and don't sit back as much. If you feel strongly about something say it and don't just sit back and let things happen.

Probably like C tier ish
ivana9d 14h
Another very sweet person from EM. You're another person that is always there for others similar to milton. You really like to bring people together and you really do try to spread positivity throughout EM. Even through times that you've said have been hard for you, you continue to just be beyond nice to others and to always make sure everyone around you is enjoying themselves.
Thank you this meant so much to me 😭 Sometimes I fail but I always try. You're the best!!!


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