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Are you sick and tired of town PRs mishammering? Do you wish you were the PR? How about your pull yourself up by the bootstraps and EARN it? Start out as a pure-hearted blue and work your way to wealth, power, and love in 💰Big Money Mafia™💰!!!!!!!!!!!

Closed, 13 player, purchase-your-power(s) setup.

Capitalists start out powerless d1, but they gain access to personalized shops full of purchasable powers n1. All players possess hidden modifiers that will be revealed n1, along with the personal shops.

Find and lynch the communists to protect the American way of life, the factory, and most importantly: your boss's bottom line!

Hosted by nbt, Incarcerated and joqiza.

Rules doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qpajoQo8jelxMnP3t8ztkngE9uU8BCFxfqi3TPA9RZg/edit?usp=sharing

Game to begin the when everybody joins discord!


Object1d 14h
Oh alright, /in
recettear1d 14h
Game to start as soon as everybody joins the discord!

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can i be your backup pls


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