Preparing for Superlatives: Year 747

jacobkrin2mon 15d

Turns out that Superlatives this year hasn't been done so far for whatever reason, so I've taken it upon myself to do it, despite the fact it should've already been done a few months ago! Better late than never right?

Here's the results from Years 1 - 6!:

Due to a lack of time left in the year, the suggestions are only going to last for a week.

Anyway, here's the usual stuff about Superlatives, since I wasn't able to think of anything new to add on, especially since I had to make this thread in a hurry after remembering no one had.

For those who don't know, Sandbox Superlatives is basically a voting competition divided in two rounds: Nominating and Choosing. During the Nominating progress, everyone will propose who they think the best candidate for a certain category is. Out of everyone's vote, the three most voted will pass the round (can be just two, or more than three depending on ties) Then we'll go to Choosing progress. There, everyone will vote the best out of the nominated people. And then, the most voted of every category will win for this year.

So in this thread, the most important thing is that you guys suggest categories. I'll put the list of the old questions being recycled below, and I may add a few categories on my own, but I can always use suggestions! Just remember that the categories need to be general and positive. So, not something like "Best site mod" because there are very few people that would be eligible for that, and not "Dumbest User" because that's a negative categories and the idea here is not to hurt anyone's feelings.

Here is the list of the current categories, taken from last year:

1) Most Likely To Be Next Sandbox Owner

2) Most Likely To Be Next Site Mod

3) Best Alt

4) Best Couple

5) Cutest Girl

6) Cutest Boy

7) Cutest Nonbinary/Genderfluid

8) Best Username

9) Best Avatar

10) Best Troll

11) Best Profile

12) Best At Epicmafia Itself

13) Best Family

14) Most Likely To Take Over The World

15) Best Old User (Before 2015)

16) Most Likely To Be A Celebrity In Real Life

17) Best Artist (including any type of art not just drawings)

18) Best New User (After June 2019)

19) Most Missed Player

20) Player That Most Helped The Community

21) Best Thread Creator

22) Funniest Player

23) Smartest Player

24) Next Saviour Of Sandbox

25) Best User Overall

bouquetNov 6, 2020

if you dont think this is the best avatar in the site you are objectively wrong
quasimodoNov 6, 2020!
i nominate quasimodo for category 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 and the new category, #26: best quasimodo
PissProblemsNov 6, 2020
i'm tryna sweep this
if reamix doesnt get best oldest user tho imma just force delete her w/ tokens
FireDragonPrinceNov 6, 2020
one day ill win a superlative, until then mitra for cutest 2020
NakhhashNov 7, 2020
nakhhash912341242356 for best alt
disagree! Nakhhash69420420 clearly is the winner here.
what if we kissed

in the nakhhash 50p game
aquariusNov 7, 2020
i won a superlative in year 1 and then it came true 6 years later

this contest predicts the future
lietfan1mon 18d
I’m just here to see the votes until I meet even more people
Are we proud of superlatives as a sandbox tradition?