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elliotica4mon 4d

one thing i really enjoy doing is wishing other people happy birthday, its always meant a lot to me and i want it to be the same for others. i think things on this site have been very negative for a while and i want that to change a bit, even if its just one day for one user. some of the more popular users get threads for themselves but id like for this to be one for everyone!

ive started a public google sheets (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LWPaAok3VnZFh1ZN5TSJKVSfJE5m55oEGJJghHOubwE/edit?usp=sharing) where you can keep track of other users birthdays. this was once something in sandbox i found out but it hasnt been used since like, 2019, i havent checked for ones here.

anyways, you can post your birthday here and ill put it on the sheets, or you can dm me. ill wish you a happy birthday whenever it rolls around! though it may be a day or so early bc australian. i hope this brings even a couple of you some joy :)

ellioticaNov 7, 2020
no prob, nice birthday
shaiiNov 7, 2020
december 22nd :)
ellioticaNov 7, 2020
added, ty!
emsychumNov 7, 2020
october 6th!
NakhhashNov 7, 2020
november 6th
ellioticaNov 7, 2020
i said it yesterday but happy bday again to nakhhash!!! 🎉✨🎉🎉✨
toxic1Nov 7, 2020
august 1st <3
ellioticaNov 7, 2020
Fegelein97Nov 7, 2020
3/27 ;w;
ellioticaNov 7, 2020
SamP4PalmerNov 7, 2020
June 3rd
ellioticaNov 7, 2020
oh NOW you wanna say it, okay sam
SamP4PalmerNov 7, 2020
ivanaNov 8, 2020
October 16th :)
ellioticaNov 8, 2020
ty ivana!!
artimNov 8, 2020
nov 20 !!
sayonaraNov 8, 2020
may 30th :-)
PhoenixiNov 8, 2020
Nov 11th
deletedNov 8, 2020
July 8th
ellioticaNov 9, 2020