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Heller — ive been messing around with some setups, curious to hear thoughts & get them +d.

PonyLoveNov 2, 2020
Upvoted them all :)
speedrunnerNov 3, 2020
Hide and Sneak:

I'm not generally a fan when it comes to random elements, and Sleepwalker sleepwalks the line kinda tightly. It's always a little treacherous to have watcher/tracker because of how strong they can be (tracking the scout could get you both a confirmed mafia and a clear). It's also sometimes difficult to deal with two "saving" roles (watcher not actually saving but still being a deterrent). That being said, this one could get interesting and any pr falling on night 1 dramatically changes the game, and it could be interesting to see how it shapes how claims and such go.

Hocus Pocus:
Themed setups are fun, but they also have to work well, and I'm not sure this one does. Enchantress essentially takes 2 nights to be usable (one night to give a crystal ball, another night to pick a target), which makes it relatively useless for giving to a clear.

The Great Gatsby:
Another themed one, this one's a bit better but the enchantress still feels a bit out of place. Maybe I just don't care for the role... The setup also desperately needs a miller I think.

Get Off My Lawn:
Sleepwalkers can be okay... Sleepwalkers + Grannie? No chance in hell lol
ShmeurNov 3, 2020!
ench+orc is fun cuz orc can be double balled. needs a ml but then swap stalker for actress
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