MU Hydra Event 20205

Giga132mon 28d

I was invited last year and again this year--didn't play last year, but wondering if it's worth it to try this year. Has anybody played in it before that can tell me what it's like? Playing a game WITH somebody else sounds like it could be good and bad lol. Today's the last day to sign up as well lol

I don't know if I can be active enough even if I do sign up, kinda just wanna find out more about it anyway.

SuperOct 30, 2020
shady and i are hydraing in this :3 you should join!
DkKobaOct 30, 2020
im interested
DkKobaOct 30, 2020
but im so overgamed
deletedOct 30, 2020
I played in this a few years back. I had fun. Just a couple tips.

I highly recommend you create a discord server or something where you and your teammate can talk to each other and discuss reads and stuff.

Unlike a typical game reading interactions between both people of the accounts is perfectly fine. Just not a mechanic that shows up normally. A lot of people will sign their posts so you know which head is saying what.

I also recommend picking someone from a close time zone so you can talk more in real time. You don’t have to tho.
Giga13Oct 30, 2020
I don't think I will have time to play but the idea is certainly interesting. I'll thank them for the invite 👍


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