Virgins vs Ravished vs Blessed61

mandevian3mon 3d

Another team competition. But this is a triple header competition. Basically a 3 way. Please post and confirm your participation. First come first serve.

Rules as below

1- 7 players per team. There will be 3 teams named as below

  • Virgins- People who have not had sex yet
  • Ravished- People who have had sex
  • Blessed- People who have had a 3(or more)some

2- Each player will have to provide proof of them belonging to the category

3- Each team will play on a shared account in the next round

4- The team with most points at the end of the round will be the winner

5- All site rules apply

6- Each player on team has to play 5 hearts before anyone can play more than 5

7- Each team will select a leader who will submit the tentative schedule in advance

The winning team will get below coupons. The leader has to distribute the coupons to the members. One coupon will be for one person.

1- Pranay will discord you the pic of all his ex girlfriends.

2- Pranay will discord you a Video of topless pranay doing push ups in only shorts.

3- 2 coupons - Pranay will write a whole thread in your appreciation, mention good and bad qualities and provide tips to improve. He will also tell everyone that you are good player. For a whole round.

4- 3 coupons - Pranay can never snap at you for up one of his games. This is a lifetime coupon. Whoever gets this, makes their epicmafia life easy.

The Virgins

  • Object

  • Dia

  • Feeniks

  • Heck

  • elliotica

  • Disoriented

    The Ravished

  • Anne

  • hesnot

  • SamP4Palmer

  • COVID19



The Blessed

  • sevenseas

  • JM123

  • ICouldBeYourDad

  • Charley

  • TheGreatCornholio



OminoireOct 31, 2020
We cant have this competition because not enough participants
Sorry that orgy you worked so hard on didn't take off.


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