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Not sure if anyone else has ever done this but November is "National Novel Writing Month" and there's a site called nanowrimo.org where you can participate. It's basically a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in the course of one month. The site helps you keep track of word count n stuff and there's also a community aspect as well as pep talks from famous writers.

I've attempted multiple years but I haven't actually finished 50,000 words except for the very first year I did it when I was in middle school. Had more free time back then and was also less self-critical lol. Anyway jw if anyone else on this site has ever done this / I was thinking of giving it another shot this November. It's definitely challenging, but fun.

joqiza28d 12h
i've literally considered/thought about this every year but never got around to it/never finished.. maybe it'd help motivate me if i could do it with a group of people???
Well I just made a group on Nanowrimo so if you make an account and verify I can add you!
alexa28d 12h
also i taught english for a semester (but then decided i wanted to do something different as a career) and encouraged all my students to participate in this, so i feel like i'm a fraud if i don't do it at least once....

will do!
alexa28d 12h
btw does anyone else on em teach ms/hs english haha i have some really great lesson plan ideas i came up with that went amazing, pls dm me, haha ignore this otherwise
Sonrio28d 12h
uhm....i plan to...ehe....
shady28d 11h
I would do this but idk how you can write a well structured novel in one month omg...
shady28d 11h
f it yolo
Sonrio28d 11h
who said anything about it being well structured?
joqiza13d 9h
I've managed to make some progress on this. Got a late start, but I'm at 10,894 words rn. A bit below par, need to be at 16,670 to be on track to finish, so I have some ground to make up. I'm almost at the end of my outline too, so I think it's gonna get tougher after that. Will see how it goes!

I've been listening to some online playlists/arrangements of Miyazaki songs to help. They're very relaxing, linking some of my favs below:

joqiza10d 9h
14,566 words... I'm still below par, I'm supposed to be at 21,671 by now, according to the NanoWrimo tracker thing... I'm gonna try to give a big ol effort this weekend and see if I can catch up.

I'm still only on my "Chapter 3" altho I will probably split things up / re-organize in my second draft. My Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 were both like a nice 3k words and then my Chapter 3 is just 8k words and counting cuz I still have more to write before I've hit all the plot points I set out in my outline.

Tbh I only have the outline up to Chapter 4 and then I just have like random "ideas" so I may hit a wall when I reach that point... I don't know! Anyway, glad I made it this far, this is the best I've done in awhile. This current story definitely isn't good or original enough to be "publishable" even if I went back and edited it, but it might be something worth sharing on my AO3 account. I've written some fanfiction that got popular and I've been thinking about trying to push some of my subscribers there to some original content.
i did this one year and got to like 8k before tapping out.

the only tip i have for people going for the full 50k is to sketch out some idea of a plotline so you know what you're aiming for, and also don't look at it as 50k, look at is as 5 x 10k. it;'s way easier if it's broken up and when you hit 40k it'll look so easy to do the last little bit (it's like 4 2500 word essays, and who hasn't done one of those in a night??)
Bannanaxd8d 18h
i can barely write one page double spaced let alone all those words
joqiza2d 16h
Quick update: I'm still on track to finish, with 35,119 words atm... but GOD is it getting tough, lol. Idk I still have a vague sense of where I want the plot to go, but when I go to write each scene my brain is basically the "no thoughts head empty" meme, like I am literally just spewing out garbage at this point to hit the word counts.

It's getting tricky I think because I have this general idea of how I want things to play out but like, I want to set things up / foreshadow things in such a way that it all flows well, but it's hard to set things up properly without already having written the part that comes next? So I am leaving a bunch of lazy placeholders for scenes where I'm just like "And then this happened" and moving on.


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