Scary Movies10

What is the scariest movie you have ever seen? I am trying to watch some scary movies during October but haven't found any really scary ones yet. So let me know so I can add some to my list!

"antrum" is one of the scariest movies i've seen recently, it pulls off the spooky premise incredibly well

some of my other favorite horror films that are genuinely scary are: midsommar, the invisible man, us, and the 2002 version of the ring
Midsommar messed me up!!! Lol omg I can never watch that movie again xD
wink1mon 4d
sisterhood of the traveling pants
Malady1mon 4d
I think Misery is a good shout.
It's definitely dependent on the person watching, but I really don't want to watch it again lol.
Bigtoes1mon 4d
Most definitely insidious
JM1231mon 4d
recently watched 'May the Devil Take You' and it was decently scary
Have any of yall seen the movie Dead Silence?
twinfawn1mon 3d
The original pet semetary movie scared the sht out of me when I was younger, I have no idea if it is as scary as I remember though (because I am still too scared to watch it LMAO) it’s the only horror film I’ve ever seen that legitimately terrified me
Citadel1mon 3d
Have any of yall seen the movie Dead Silence?
Sh*t that's one of my favourite horror's. Must admit it was awhile ago that I last watched it and I don't necessarily remember it as a particularly "scary" movie, but the plot twist at the end had my jaw drop and make a f*cking hole in the floor.
elliotica1mon 3d
misery is definitely a good shout, and not movies but haunting of hill house/bly manor are both good.