tigermom3mon 13h

I made this thread so we can all discuss the way we all play the beloved epicmafia game ghost. I'm happy we've established the no kicking rule collectively as a group however I find something to be lacking in the way we handle clues. Here's why:

For town, the only way to win is to vote the ghosts out. Ghosts can win in one of two ways, either by overpowering town or guessing the villager word correctly. This may make it seem like the odds are in the ghost's favour but if you play the game you'll know that only about 1/8 wins actually go to ghosts.

The reasons for this are once again twofold. First, it is extremely likely probability-wise to vote out the ghost just by randomly voting any person in the game. For simplicity's sake assuming that the first ghost is the first to be voted out (as is the case 75% of the time), the chances of voting out the second ghost in a traditional 3:2:2 setup is 1/6+(5/6)x(1/5)+(5/6)x(4/5)x(1/4)+(5/6)x(4/5)x(3/4)x(1/3)=0.6667.

The other reason, and probably the reason why I made this thread, is that it's straight up impossible to win by guessing the town word correctly. If you looked at the most recent ghost wins you'd probably see that the only reason the ghost won was because there was a single clue that gave it away.

In other words, winning as a ghost does not depend on the intelligence of the ghost or their ability to guess clues but on the particular set of clues and the existence of one that may potentially give it away.

Which kinda makes it feel like a pretty random card game of War. What would tigermom do? To me, the difference between a good clue and a bad one isn't in how easy they are to guess but instead in how likely the ghost can potentially guess it IF they are willing to use their brain. Like I'm sorry but if your clue only makes sense in the direction you made it (as in, it only makes sense if you google the two words together) but is completely misleading if somebody sees it as its own thing to go off of then it's just not a very good clue. How much fun is there really in a trivia clue you can only guess if you possess the knowledge required to guess it?

A more radical choice would be to preface each clue of yours with a label saying what kind of clue it is. Is it a clue by association? Finish the phrase? A one way clue? A rhyme clue? Let the ghost know so that even if it's super obscure they can at least know which way to trace back your steps.

Anyway let me know what you all think.

myujinOct 19, 2020!
in my opinion the hints shouldn't be an obnoxious one. it should still be easily related to the word... it shouldn't be too hard that you would need to google it... it should be creative in a nice way and not something weird that only a certain fandom of people would get..
SheffreyOct 19, 2020
im all for mixing ghost up, but attempts i have made to alter the ghost experience in the past have resulted in toxic backlash from some member(s) of the ghost community who are opposed to change
sandOct 19, 2020
ghost is an inherently flawed game if all parties are truly playing to win -- consider this scenario: you are not ghost and you've been chosen to go last. you identify two partners from the previous hints beyond reasonable doubt, so you are now aware that you are town. you know that because this pairing has been identified, ghost will inevitably be found and forced to guess the word, so your objective shifts from trying not to be voted off to giving the ghosts as little information as possible with your clue, so you submit a hint that is either a copy of your town friend or completely unrelated to throw the ghosts off. this is the optimal play but of course it's frowned upon and takes the fun out of the game because the whole point is to see if you can cleverly form hidden connections with other players without being obvious, not to intentionally hurt the ghosts' chances of winning.

now that we've established that ghost is more fun when town is not playing optimally, let's talk about hints. the host should choose words that are simple, common, and ideally have multiple meanings or be able to be looked at from multiple angles. i agree that a hint should not need to be googled to be understood, but you can't stop ghosts from googling and this can turn an otherwise good hint into an obvious giveaway, which is why people resort to more convoluted methods of generating hints. sometimes i will google the hint i'm planning to use just to see if the word appears in the first few results and i need to revise it. the best town hints each provide a different perspective on the word, giving ghosts a true and fair opportunity to discover the hidden link.

i think this game would be really fun in person with a group of friends and no access to google, and it does not translate very well to an online game with strangers
SheffreyOct 20, 2020
alternatively all clues be given at once, or even in groups (half the table at a time), would that solve a lot of the issues? i guess that changes the entire dynamic of the game though, not to mention being difficult to do
luis4rodOct 20, 2020!
Similar games are Spyfall and The Chameleon, both have a list of places/words, one being the town word, and spy/chameleon/ghost can choose from the list to try and figure out which one applies.

Of course doesn't apply to Ghost but similar to what tigermom said in prefacing clues, we can put a category for what the town word is. (noun, object, vehicle, game, person, idk maybe someting specific)

Both games also mentioned above have a certain way clues are given, one being questions and the other being a single word. Maybe host of the ghost game can impose house rules as to what kind of clues can be given? Maybe that'll help idk
The secret word contains 6 letters. Try to select and lynch the ghost.