nocash's moderate token giveway10

nocash10d 11h

Hello main. Here are the rules:

  1. Use this link to make an account on Make sure I am your referral (nocash).

  2. Message me your account name either on here or on torn.

  3. Get to level 10. Let me confirm you've done so.

  4. Literally never play the game again. It sucks.

I'll send 50 tokens to the first 3 people who do this. There may be more offers in the future but that's what I can commit to right now. Good luck!

Spooky10d 11h
It takes an extremely long time to reach level 10

You should offer hundreds of tokens each x tbh
nocash10d 10h
It takes like 2 weeks of passive play at most to get there. Just make sure you're doing missions and crimes.
Spooky10d 10h
14 days of playing multiple hours each day for 50 tokens isn't very fair

considering you are only doing this for the rewards due to referral links
nocash10d 10h!
14 days of playing multiple hours each day for 50 tokens isn't very fair
I don't know how YOU were playing but hitting a few buttons 2 or 3 times a day is not exactly "playing multiple hours each day" but don't take my word for it.
Alyssa10d 10h
It's, uh, his choice to give out tokens and to set the requirement for it?

If it's too high, don't do it. I'm sure anyone else who feels its too much effort wouldn't do it. A giveaway is still a giveaway.
nocash10d 10h
Thank you. Honestly don't take either of our words for it. It's free to play and I'll help you out as much as I can.
Spooky10d 10h
Agreed, but it took a very long time when I played it a year ago. It's not as easy as it sounds and it's cool if he helps out. Just sharing my opinion.
nocash10d 10h!
Also, the referral rewards are minimal for me since the award is 31 days of donator status but I'm already a donator so I'm not making money off this deal. This is about in game merits and awards that I couldn't get otherwise. Since I'm offering 3 people $5 in tokens to play a game they aren't being forced to I think the offer is fair. Just to clear the air.
Object10d 9h
If the game sucks why do you want referral rewards on it?
nocash10d 9h
After two years of playing I've given up on understanding why I like the game despite objectively knowing the game is dumb.