sleepytobito1mon 10d

hi there. Among Us is fun, right? Long time no see. I left this site because I felt severely bullied and just had this all add to the big sad of my personal life. It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm turning 20. I'm just reflecting on the year in general. I originally checked in here to see if you'd made the background spooky yet. But like always, this site and its mods have been an utter disappointment. It was yellow when I left so if anyone can point out what the stars mean that'd be appreciated. I was originally gonna make this and compare Among Us to EM and just point out that it's the people on here that are the problem. But, watch CallMeKevin's videos on Among Us cause he's great and just figure out which player on those you are. Also if your friends with the less wonderful players, you're signing off on their actions so don't pretend you're a big wonderful never do wrong person. But what do I gain from that? No one on this site affects me at all anymore and it's not like new people are joining every day that should be warned or accounted for. So here's a life update, I have one now. I've been working out at home with my dumbbells, practicing guitar and making music, really enjoying nature like i live in scotland, it's beautiful, meditation and mindfulness and telling my friends who wonderful they are unprompted and having super awesome moments with them. Uni also started back and I'm thriving, I enjoy my courses so much and my lecturers and I have about a B average in all my classes (one i have an A!) and im also in societies and really involved with the uni to make things better and to amplify voices of underrepresented groups and just I'm happy. I'm so freaking happy. I'm the kind of happy where any joke is hilarious and any guitar solo or riff is awesome. I never thought that was possible during my last forum post. Not even close. But here we are. That might change and I've made my peace with that. But I've never felt more like the self I want to be. Also I know I already mentioned it but it is my birthday tomorrow so please go easy on me haha, im gonna be auLD

Happy early birthday <3.. awesome to hear how things have been going..live strong bruvva
Spooky1mon 10d
Happy birthday tomorrow! I'm 20 as well hihi we'll be the same age. Feel free to add me on discord if you want for super fun games, chilling and good times!

Glad you are doing very well in life and it's really nice you tell your experiences here.

DM me!
JM1231mon 10d
Glad you're doing well,

If you wanna stay happy, run away from epicmafia, run as fast as you can
syd1mon 9d
omg sleepy <3 ive missed you. glad you're doing better you deserve it!! happy 20th (i think it's 12am for you now) !!!
deleted1mon 8d
happy birthday, glad ur doing well
wink1mon 8d
happy early birthday!! i'm glad you decided to update and that you're doing well
ivana1mon 8d!
Happy birthday! You're a great player and person and I'm sorry you were bullied. If you come back, I'll protect you! :D
milton1mon 7d
happy birthday!! (sorry i'm a day late) glad you're doing well!!