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joqiza3mon 4d

I know Lucid is never coming back or adding anything like this but sometimes I just think about two pieces of functionality which would make sandbox like 100000x more fun. Just needed to get these off my chest can someone PLEASE make a new chat mafia site and include these!!!

The ability to host closed role games but with pre-selected roles:

Basically, a host creates a setup, but they're not actually a player in it. The roles list is hidden (maybe some information is given, i.e. 7 town, 3 mafia, and 2 3rds) but only the host knows which roles are actually in the setup. Sort of how the host picks the words for ghost. I'm actually surprised this feature doesn't exist, because it's a very common and popular way forum mafia is played. There's an element of "setup speculation" in trying to predict what roles the host would include in the setup. It's a different way to play but also very fun.

The ability to tweak conditions / probabilities so certain roles are more likely to appear or only appear in combination with other roles:

Roles would be selected via rng like usual, except you can tweak the probabilities a little to get funner games. For example, make it so Cthulhu only shows up when there's a cult. Or samurai only shows up when there's a conversion role. Snoop only shows up when there's roles that give out items. Masons and cults show up more together. Stuff like that, there are endless possibilities. And being able to mess with the randomizer under the hood would make setup design way more interesting than just, "Hmm, should I include Warlock or not?" (The answer to which should always be no btw.)

joqizaOct 15, 2020
Also I get that custom role logic is tricky but while we're dreaming could we also get one that isn't super glitchy and limited
deletedOct 15, 2020
if someone does this they need to let us know tho
honeyOct 15, 2020
Let us make roles that WORK Lucid!!!
clefOct 15, 2020
profile pets
rigbyOct 16, 2020
profile pets
ObjectOct 16, 2020
First one is a good idea, amazed no one has done that

Any suggestions on how to present the role prob tweaker?
joqizaOct 16, 2020!
Honestly dunno, I didn't have a clear picture in my head. On the presentation side, maybe something like a pop-out menu for each role you include in the setup. Sliders to adjust each role's chances based on another roll already existing.

I.e. in a 12p sandbox game, there are two unique thirds that get picked. If you want there to always be a cult when a cthulhu gets picked, you go into each 3P roles individual screen. Maybe each 3P's individual screen would have a list of all other roles in the setup, with associated weights.

Adjust all other 3P roles (except cult) so that:
- They have zero weight associated with Cthulhu (If Cthulhu gets picked first, only cult can be picked second)

Adjust Cthulhu so that:
- It has zero weight associated with any 3P role except for cult (if any role that's not cult gets picked first, Cthulhu can never get picked second)
AlyssaOct 17, 2020
Lucid has vocally stated that he would add a feature to make closed role a lot more customizable, right in line with the second thing. Unfortunately, this was around the time he disappeared and never came through.

Who knows, if a day comes that he's adding stuff to EM again this would probably be an easy pitch!
AlyssaOct 17, 2020
deletedOct 17, 2020
Has Lucid not been here since November 2018?
clefOct 17, 2020
he's in jail
AlyssaOct 18, 2020
He sparingly came on throughout 2019, but mid-2019 is the last time I believe he actually did anything. He comes on the site once in a blue moon, if not just to switch admins out when one steps down(Charley stepped down and she still hasn't been swapped though.)
bouquetOct 18, 2020
wishful thinking: that lucid will remember to reset on my pw for my main the next time he comes back in like 5 yrs