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alexa12d 7h

Ever since I started playing forum mafia, I’ve wanted to try to host a game myself, but have known that it’d take me some time to get used to mechs to balance a set-up. Luckily Anne graciously volunteered to double-check the balance and co-host the game with me.

I’ve been working on this for a while and am extremely looking forward to it! Seeking 12-13 players. The game will officially begin at ~5 PM EST on Sunday 10/25/20 (if I need to adjust this time due to work, I will announce). The discord server will open for players and spectators on 10/23/20, and role PMs will be sent out on 10/24/20.

A couple general details about the set-up you may be interested in reading prior to signing up:

1. There will be 9-10 town-sided players and 3 mafia-sided players. There will be NO third-party roles or conversion mechanics.

2. Days will be 48 hours long and nights will be 24 hours long, with majority hammer enabled after day one.

3. Hydras are NOT allowed.

4. The set-up is a closed, PR madness set-up. Everyone will receive a unique flavor and role that goes with it.

5. I am happy to accept an unlimited number of players as substitutes.

6. While Vocaroos are allowed, they will be generally discouraged. These will be limited to 3 per day phase and can not be longer than one minute.

7. Post-game, players will be asked to vote for the top-five players. These players should be who they think played the most skillfully, regardless of alignment and role. The top 3 players with the most votes will receive glory as well as prizes from me.

First Place: 60 tokens

Second Place: 40 tokens

Third Place: 20 tokens

Please post here to sign up if you’re interested in playing Harry Potter Forum Mafia. Ideally, this will be a 12-player table, but I can adapt the set-up to fit 13-players if there is more interest (it will also work with 11 players if less interest). I reserve the right to ban someone from playing if I believe they may cause conflict unrelated to the game - I want this to be a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. I will post an announcement when I’m no longer accepting players. If anyone else is interested after that point, they can sign up as a sub.

Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions!

oh no i thought i booked a spot

can i sub
blacksnakemoan11d 21h
i got told there's still a spot and i would like it if there is pls
calciumkid11d 20h
Wow missed it
Super11d 20h
be a sub Dobby!!!!
alexa11d 13h
i got told there's still a spot and i would like it if there is pls
ur in! last spot

sign-ups are officially closed, however, substitutes are always appreciated! i will be making a separate discord-chat in the server with no permissions for subs, and if anyone asks for a sub, it'll be first-come-first-serve/whoever is online and wants to grab the spot.

thanks guys!
i'm gonna petrificus totalus u nerds!!
alexa10d 10h
Wow missed it
do u wanna sub?
calciumkid10d 8h
alexa9d 12h
sick! added
alexa5d 10h
I'll be sending out official invites tomorrow, but the discord server is open if anyone wants to start joining today:

alexa4d 15h
Invites sent out to players/subs - spectators welcome to join too:


Roles will be randomized/role PMs will be sent out tomorrow afternoon!


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