micelina17d 7m


you didn't spend even 30 seconds looking at this report before sustaining it.

micelina17d 7m

how can you read a whole game and my appeal within a minute of me making it
Object is a cutie patootie
I love mr. bunny
Object16d 23h
SamP4Palmer16d 23h
Darn I only did it in 37 seconds I relinquish my crown to you mr. bunny
Super16d 23h!
^ Looking at that screenshot you can see the reasons you suicided were game-related, regardless of whether or not someone was going to veg... you could have just waited for them to do so (if you needed to leave)
PonyLove16d 23h
I mean, I'd also have given that grs. How was the reason for your sui not related to the game?
Alyssa16d 23h
You said you had to leave soon yet you still clearly are around to respond to the report and appeal it?
syd16d 23h
was in the game, there was a 30 second timer right b4 they suicided as well
deleted16d 3h
in defense of the op: mods should really leave comments when sustaining appeals and it's annoying when they don't
deleted16d 3h
like literally all he had to do was comment or quote this

and this thread wouldn't need to exist