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JohnMiller3mon 26d

You open the mysterious manila envelope you received in the mail. The envelope has no return address, only a logo of a thumbprint in the corner. You find inside a plane ticket to an unmarked location, along with a note:

“WANTED: Amateur sleuths and puzzle aficionados willing to work together as a team travelling and solving puzzles in a mind-bending, globe-trotting game of deduction. Last standing will be compensated with a cash prize of up to $100. Must be a good judge of character. YOU WILL NOT BE WORKING ALONE.”

Yeah, it's back. Sandbox Mole 3 is now accepting applications! Join JohnMiller, SirAmelio, Bob01, and Jake in a mind-bending, globe-trotting game of deduction and betrayal—season begins October 23nd!

Discord Server:

Apply (by October 21):

TedTonateOct 1, 2020
Great pro here,
honeyOct 4, 2020
im applying
JohnMillerOct 9, 2020
Under two weeks left to apply!
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