I'm trapped in a game!2

I'm in a private lobby and something happened in one of our games, and now I'm trapped.

Current situation: I'm in a game. 1) try to leave game and join a new one, return to lobby with the status that im still in this game 2) click the leave game button, then try to join a game, same result.

I don't know what to do, is this a bug, or a weird issue with my account? right now, i can't play at all it thinks im already in a game

As an update, I've been able to host and make games by pressing the quit game button then immediately joining or creating without refreshing the lobby page at any point.
This stopped working for me today, so I don't seem to be able to play at all any more.
it seems like every time i return to the lobby page after pressing "Quit" resets me to being in the game.
Is there something wrong with my account?
There is nothing wrong with your account, the game you are in broke and the mods have to break the game to fix it