Among Us and Epicmafia: An analysis246

deleted1mon 1d

Among Us and Epicmafia: An Analysis of Wasted Potential:

Among Us is on track to achieve fortnite levels of mainstream popularity. Friends, family, acquaintances from 10 years ago, people in sports discord servers that I visit, they all want me to play Among Us with them. Among Us has entered the pop-culture lexicon with era-defining relevance.

The game is basically just mafia, of course. Among Us already has an esports following, and within a year will be a major esports game with competitive players winning large sums of money.

Among Us is proof of two things:

First, mafia always had the potential to have mainstream popularity. And epicmafia, being the first dedicated live-action mafia game, most certainly had a chance to take off and succeed in a way that it never did. This website did not achieve success not because mafia was inherently a niche interest with limited prospects, but because it was mismanaged into the ground with a ludicrous level of incompetence.

Second, Among Us serves as proof that Lucid made the wrong choices with this website at every juncture. Among Us is not popular because of whacky roles, sandbox lobby style insanity, or pew pew gun setups that eliminate the social deduction and manipulation aspects of the game. Among Us does not go out of its way to discourage new players from playing it. Among Us focuses on presenting the core, social deduction oriented gameplay of mafia in a pretty package. Among Us does right everything that epicmafia does wrong.

The only roles are blues and nilla. Thats it. Its just a themed mafia setup with blues and nilla, a nice interface, and some repetitive mini games to keep you busy while you decide who to lynch. Among Us is popular because of its simplicity, not in spite of it. Making a social deduction game more complex with stupid roles dilutes it, it does not improve it.

Among Us is probably the final nail in the coffin for Epicmafia. There is no chance for this website to achieve success now, because there is nothing that it does better than Among Us. Competitive Among Us players will be winning hundreds of thousands of dollars while you shoot your pew pew guns for a chance at a pixel trophy. Casual Among Us players will be having more fun with their prettily packaged 5 blue 2 nilla setup than sandbox players have ever had with their glorified chatroom of confusing, convoluted nonsense roles.

Among Us will make its creators more money than Lucid will ever make working for Uber or developing medical apps.

Hindsight is 20/20 lucid. You f.ucked this one up bad.

Among Us is set to have a second game sometime next year, I believe. I forget the estimated date.
they canceled it to focus on updating the original
grifiest4d 21h
I tried playing among us. I'd rather be crewmates over impostors. Whenever I become impostor my heartbeat rises twice. I might sound shaky if I use discord as well. It's different when I play comp for the first times. it was a little bit awkward but I can play normally.
Devante3d 14h
Tried this game out last night at a friend's house
basically the moron version of this game and what lucid had been encouraged to make for as long as i can remember.

A good little time waster, however i joined a game this morning online and an emergency meeting was called 10 into the start of game to ask for tiktoks... i feel like an old man
Popoll3d 13h
Among us is hella boring if you're not playing it with friends
1plex3d 12h!
Among us is hella boring if you're not playing it with friends
This comparison thread is pointless. The playerbase of among us consists of completely different category of people than those in epicmafia.
Cirno2d 6h
Among us is hella boring if you're not playing it with friends
So is Epicmafia.