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Alyssa4mon 12h

Congratulations thanksbye for winning! The answers are all down below.

Hello everyone! So in BotW they hid 900 korok seeds for whatever god forsaken reason. I'm doing a little community competition to see who can find just 12 of them.

The rules are simple. You must scour the site to find 12 korok seeds hidden around. They look like this; https://i.imgur.com/7rHf6B8.png

I will have a few hints below, feel free to share how many you find to up the stakes for others. Though do not share the locations here! It's a race to see who can find all 12 first. Once you find all 12, PM me here -> https://epicmafia.com/message#/compose?user=610792 with links to them all and you will win!

What is the prize you ask? Well, 60 tokens if you want it! I'll send it to any alts or friends accounts too, doesn't matter to me.

Hints on where everything is (some are much more vague than others).

  1. Koroks are people too
  2. Take the role of wisdom
  3. A land distant from sandbox, a secret under the rock
  4. A land closer to sandbox that smells, try to be quiet here, even if its a place meant to talk.
  5. A hundred years ago(more like 64 months), a trial of evil began in sandbox.
  6. Breath of the Wild was a fun game to play, ever since the day it came out. Once master mode came out that really ramped it up though.
  7. Another nintendo hotshot who unlike Link has a family
  8. Let's host a smash tournament
  9. One of my friends has the weirdest platter. I mean, who eats rocks?
  10. Sounds delicious, though I may go out to eat something yummy instead.
  11. We're overrun with darknuts, peahats, leevers, gels, and.. something else
  12. Some korok kept asking me to find his maracas, I wonder what he wants?

All 12 seeds are shared a different way(i.e. one is posted on a profile, so no others will be). All are obviously on epicmafia. Some seeds don't come with pictures, while seed #12 is a biiit different.

AlyssaSep 21, 2020
LMAO well there's my mistake. The worst part is that I was about to post the topic with the first 10 seeds then added another two last second wanting it to last a bit longer.
AlyssaSep 21, 2020!
To be perfectly honest I double checked on google and

IGN had the typo up too, I thought I got it right without looking closely at anything else, apologies 😔
thanksbyeSep 21, 2020
You see, big brain here. I didn't have the chance to play BotW yet but I kept finding both Hetsu and Hestu on google so I was like, well, can't hurt looking up both spellings. Number 6 tho... that could have gone wrong if I didn't know americans love to use fake date system also known as MM/DD/YYYY .
banimeSep 21, 2020
No apologies needed, this was fun!
TedTonateSep 21, 2020
I was so close as well.
kinoSep 21, 2020
OMG i just found all 12!
AlyssaSep 21, 2020
So, uh, when sending the tokens I also accidentally bought myself some at first LMAO whoops.

I gave stickers to those that participated a bunch that I could send them to. :)
aquariusSep 21, 2020
this is cute i wish i knew more abt zelda


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How many seeds did you find so far? Feel free to update as you go along