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Hima Time!

aquariusSep 16, 2020
It's hima time
himaSep 16, 2020
....hima time?
ArianaGrandeSep 16, 2020
hima time!
yoyoyorlozerSep 16, 2020
homo tomo
YIFFYlFFSep 16, 2020
mmm... yes
spaceSep 16, 2020
it's always hima time
quasimodoSep 16, 2020
kinoSep 16, 2020
one time hima invited me over to her house for a spaghetti and soy meatballs dinner with her wife and 6 adopted children (and her 2 cat and 3 dogs, but that's not relevant).

i walked into the entryway of her luxurious palatial home. she asked me to take my heels off on the marble floor, to protect it, and offered me some warm and cosy slippers that were just my size. it was so thoughtful of her to have some slippers ready that fit me!

she invited me down to the end of the hall to the sunroom, where i had some delicious green tea and a beautiful view of the sun setting across the lake while waiting for the last preparations of dinner. i had a little conversation with her children, and one of her friendly cats came to sit on my lap.

anyway, not too long after i finished the cup of tea, dinner was ready and she came personally to invite me over.

she saved a spot for me at the end of the table! i thought that that was so nice of her. she saved this special seat for me. i don't really get invited many places, so to be invited and then be treated in such a special way was so nice!

the homemade spaghetti and soy meatballs dinner was so delicious. she paired it with a beautiful french red wine and finished off with a wonderful homemade ice cream dessert.

at the end of the night, after having some conversation in the library, she went out of her way to drive me home in her tesla. she packed me a little canvas bag of some leftovers from the night.

what a blessing to have participated in hima time. i would recommend hima time to anyone.
do you like hima?

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