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Welcome to my second season of Big Brother -- Big Brother 2: Haunted House! Thank you to matt, shady, and julia (our season one winner) for co-hosting. In this game, 15 houseguests will fight for the grand prize of a $30 paypal/venmo or gift card of their choosing (or, alternatively, $30 of tokens), but more importantly, the glory of a victory! This is a game full of strategy, alliances, trust, deception and betrayal, and of course, twists and turns, so remember to always Expect the Unexpected!

I've created a doc that consists of the general game rules as well as some general terms for those unfamiliar with Big Brother. Houseguests, you are required to read this document.

All official announcements will be posted on this forum, and you will additionally be notified via Discord.

Viewing Lounge:

For those of you not in the game who are interested in spectating on discord, please message alexa, shady, matt, or Julia for spectator permissions. Spectators will have access to the house-chat (view only), announcements, and a viewing lounge/viewing lounge confessionals. Spectators will not have access to diaries or alliance chats. Matt is in charge of organizing a draft and will provide any information pertaining to that.

Here is the link to the server:

Official Cast:

  1. Cheyne (DarkB)
  2. Raheeb (Calciumkid)
  3. Gio (Sonrio)
  4. Hayley (marry)
  5. Ania (krista)
  6. Jess (staypositivefriend)
  7. Waseem (ilario)
  8. Medha (flippingkitties)
  9. Grace (aquarius)
  10. Bobert (bobert789)
  11. Julia (Super)
  12. Robert (Object)
  13. Samantha (samantha)
  14. Filippos (DiSoRiEnTeD)
  15. Anne (Anne)

The game will officially begin on 9/18 at 8 PM EST. You are not permitted to make alliances or talk to other housemates about the game until this time. The first competition will go up on 9/19 at 8 PM EST.

Super7d 6h
I will sub if needed, a lot more free than I thought I would be <3
I can sub too :D
alexa7d 1h!
If anyone is interested in a sub role (which will only apply if someone ducks out before 9/18), they must send me (via discord or EM message) the official application ASAP (the sooner, the better chance):

Thank you!!!
alexa6d 7h
Moldyches has subbed out and been replaced with Super/Julia. Welcome!
alexa2d 13h
One more day until the game begins! You can now start drafting houseguests. You have until Saturday at 8 PM EST to select your draft picks.

Matt has kindly put this together and provided additional information in the BB server. The winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card or 60 tokens.

Join here for more information:
alexa1d 10h
Updated server link:
alexa1d 3h
Houseguests, the game has officially begun! Your first challenge will be up at 8 PM EST tomorrow (9/19). While this is not a live challenge, please note that activity, and being active at the time the challenge is posted, will give you an advantage tomorrow.

I want to remind you of a few rules. You should've all reviewed the rule document by now, but now that the game has begun, I'd like to reiterate/highlight a few:

-Alliances of 3 or more must be requested via DR by pinging @bbhost. A host will then say "got it" and create the chat. Alliances of 2 can be made in DMs outside the server. Same goes for voice chats.

-You may not directly copy/paste anything from your DR to any other houseguest.

-You may not edit or delete any of your posts in the discord server.

Please take a moment to review the additional rules of the game if you have not already done so:

On that note, happy day 1, and good luck!
alexa11h 41m
Updated invite link to spectate:

You have until 8 PM EST tonight to make your draft picks for a chance at a $10 Amazon Gift Card or 60 tokens, spectators!
alexa3h 55m!
Competition One (Eviction Competition) - Share or Scare

Welcome, Big Brother Houseguests, to your first competition! In the first twist of the season, this competition is not the typical Head of Household competition you may have been expecting. Rather, this is an Eviction Competition. There are 15 of you in the house right now, but after 24 hours, only 14 Houseguests will remain.

So how do you ensure you’re not the first houseguest evicted? Don’t perform the worst in this competition!

For this competition, each houseguest will receive a unique spooky-related term via DR. There are no patterns between these terms beyond their Halloween theme. Your goal is to correctly guess everyone's term. When you’re ready, you should submit your list via DR and ping @Bbhost. You are, of course, allowed to discuss this competition with others, and it’s up to you who you want to reveal your true item to. Please keep in mind that all real items WILL be revealed with results.

When you submit a list of everyone’s Halloween terms, each term must be exact (IE: if someone’s item is a black crow, and you submit ‘crow,’ this will not count). You will receive a point for every houseguest you correctly match to their term. Whoever receives the lowest number of points will be evicted from the Big Brother House. In addition, whoever scores the second lowest will not be evicted, however, they will be ineligible to win the first HoH (they will, however, still play a part in the Head of Household competition). GET GOING SOON, BECAUSE TIES WILL BE BROKEN BY ORDER OF SUBMISSION.
alexa3h 55m
You have 24 hours to submit your list of guesses via DR. You may change your submission at any point before 7:59 PM EST on 9/20 (but please ping @Bbhost if you do so). Your most recent submission will count for TIME purposes. At 8 PM EST tomorrow, the results will be revealed (everyone’s correct item will be announced too)/the eviction will happen, and the rules for the first Head of Household competition will be posted. Good luck!


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