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I know I'm barking up the wrong tree but I have nowhere else to go so yolo

So for my musical theatre training, I get to sing three songs in a semester. The first two songs are assigned, while the third song we choose for ourselves. Usually we wouldn't be picking these until late October/early November, but our accompanist is going to be a brand new dad and needs to make the tracks now before the baby comes in about two weeks.

Our director encouraged us to explore with types of characters we wouldn't normally play (just to give us the chance to experience songs outside of our typecast) and stuff that would challenge us vocally. Now, me being indecisive as heck, I have no clue what to sing. I've already narrowed it down to three songs. We have to pick by Sunday which song we want, which is why I set the timer.

If you guys could help me pick which song to sing, that would be much appreciated. I'll give a little description with each song. I have a wide range so although these may provide a little challenge, they are all within that range and all 3 challenge me in different ways. The cut is supposed to be around 60 to 90 seconds.

Choice #1: "All That Matters" from Finding Neverland Youtube Link:

Finding Neverland is about J.M. Barrie, the writer of Peter Pan, and his journey in writing it. This song is sung by Sylvia, the mother of the boys who inspired the story for Peter Pan. Context is she finds out about her illness that will eventually take her life, but J.M. Barrie has provided a new light for their family. I would probably sing from about 1:30-3:13 (the end). I may cut it differently. This song really works on me mixing my chest voice and head voice.

Choice #2: "If The World Should End" from Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark Youtube Link:

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark is a musical about Spiderman: his origins, his romance with Mary Jane, and troubles with the Green Goblin. There's two versions of this song: previews and opening version. I'm singing the one from the previews, which is Mary Jane reassuring that all she needs is Spiderman's love and that he is enough for her. I would probably be singing from 2:00-3:28. Once again, I'm also trying to find a good cut for this. This song really works on my head voice and high notes.

Choice #3: "Monster" from Frozen: The Musical Youtube Link:

If you really need me to explain the plot of Disney's Frozen, sorry my dude, but you're living under a rock. This song is sung by Elsa, who has just been told that all of Arendelle was frozen because of her doing. She is made out to be a monster, and is dealing with inner conflict as she is being hunted down by Hans and his men. I would probably be singing from 1:35-2:05, and then from 3:06-3:45 (stitching the second verse to the final chorus/the end of the song). This song really works on me belting high notes.

If you guys have other suggestions, please let me know. Also please vote because I really have no clue and no one I know IRL is helping me make any decision

P.S. just for funsies, these are the other songs I've been assigned this semester in case you need to know more about my voice type. I know them and can sing them well because they were already in my repertoire before they were assigned.

"There's a Fine Fine Line" from Avenue Q (1:15-2:39)

"Right Hand Man" from Something Rotten (1:26-2:43)

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Sing after all from ever after
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i completely forgot about about TOTD omg
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Please decide my third song for me