IAmTheBlueSpy4mon 9d

People need more positivity in the world, so why not take 5 minutes of your time and compliment the person above you who commented last. Doesn't even have to be someone you know. Just take a little bit to actually compliment someone.

Or just say something nice about your day if you really have nothing.

AlyssaSep 11, 2020
I think it's really endearing of you to make a topic like this in a community that is usually fairly cynical. It's admirable and would like to compliment you on taking the time to spread community-wide kindness
coolkidrox123Sep 11, 2020
mods arn't sods.
draftermanSep 16, 2020
You are a cool kid that rox.
thanksbyeSep 16, 2020
DoggieBoneSep 16, 2020
People who delete their comments are people who don't want to hurt others which makes you a precious person.
SedNacSep 16, 2020
the person who thanks the other person for deleting their comment is a good person
quasimodoSep 16, 2020!
saying thank you is such an arduous task for some. glad youre out here spreading the thankfulness.
DrGlennRichieSep 17, 2020
Dr Zoidberg. The second best doctor on EpicMafia
MockySep 17, 2020
jacobkrinSep 17, 2020
the comment may have been deleted but i'm sure it was as good as you
SpookySep 17, 2020
I am sad so I am gonna grab some positivity here
SpookySep 17, 2020
also jacob your avi is rly spooky
thanksabillionSep 17, 2020
Your name is rly spooky