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natu2mon 16d

Among us has gotten a lot more popular recently and I've found quite a lot of enjoyment in it. I was curious to ask you guys what types of strategies do you have in the game, and feel free to use this as a thread to post memes and comments about the game as seeing Among Us memes always make my day. :)

Jake4311mon 29d
natu is your among us server still accepting peeps
Johneh1mon 29d
Someone add me to something please :(
Spooky1mon 29d
I send you the invite Johneh in dms!
Jake4311mon 28d
Clair1mon 28d
if anyone wants to play in my server which is also very active and i am trying my best to keep as chill as possible, here is the link
but also join natu's because this is not a war of servers
jake click here
nicoleyrenaa1mon 28d
i wanna join an among us server plsss someone invite me
Maate1mon 23d
Among us is definitely a cake walk for epicmafia players (at the moment)

The most EM basic starts like bussing and guiltying on LYLO are free wins

Hopefully the skill develops quicker with the larger player base
Maate1mon 23d
Some basic tips;

Sabotage the opposite side of the map to your kill to delay them finding the body

Learn and familiarise yourself with tasks, especially visual tasks. Getting a clear is as valuable in among us as it is in em - not many prioritise this yet

Learn the safer kill spots - the rooms least trafficked / near vent etc. Do hop in vents after kills

Grouping seems quite strong at the moment
Maate1mon 23d
No one prioritises scumhunting either - skills in that area are another boon
Spoopie1mon 23d
Dont go into electrical as crewmate right away if you want to live.
SteelixMega1mon 16d
I like Among Us as a game. Very similar to mafia. It even has a few variables that can be changed to be crew or imp sided.
meiyue13d 18h
discord invite is expired, I'd love to play w EM peeps if someone could post a new discord link :)
Nooby13d 18h
Ngekop734d 11h
what meiyue said