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natu9d 9h

Among us has gotten a lot more popular recently and I've found quite a lot of enjoyment in it. I was curious to ask you guys what types of strategies do you have in the game, and feel free to use this as a thread to post memes and comments about the game as seeing Among Us memes always make my day. :)

DarkB9d 8h
DarkB9d 8h!
DarkB9d 8h
Clair5d 7h
let me know when we have an EM among us server that doesn't put up with sexist jokes and stuff thanks
Or stop being so sensitive and deal with the fact that most people start where you were 10 years ago.
Clair5d 6h
im talking about the fully grown adults in the server
Clair3d 20h
my last post was a kneejerk reaction

coffeeditto has been pretty dope and hasnt done anything wrong, im disappointed that the server needs moderating at all. no one is willing to just say “hold up, thats not cool, you shouldnt say that” and would rather keep the games going
DarkB3d 16h
ArianaGrande3d 15h
is it like playing epicmafia? cause this website dead
Spooky3d 12h
it's better!
any em among us groups? i'd like to play : )
Vindra21h 35m
im tired of leaver and cheater in pub :(
natujust now
if anyone wants to play in a different em among us server that plays nearly every day and is very chill dm me