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updated list: user role account

TOWN ROLES: Villager, Paranoid Cop, Friendly Cop, Snoop, Pathologist, President, miller, Demolitionist, Town Crier, Agent, Celeb, Templar, Enchantress, Party host, Penguin, Commuter, Treestump, Bride, Monkey, Cutler, Medium, Dreamer, Lightkeeper, Waitress, Santa, x2 Caroler x2, Tracker Avocado + Roles not as active in sandbox that are town: mason and tracker#2

3RD: lover, cuthulu, werewolf, Nomad, Vengefulspirit, lyncher, mistletoe, clockmaker, gingerbreadman, mutineer, vicepresident, sidekick(punch), old maid, autocrat, mastermind, cultists, creepy girl, traitor, prophet

MAFIA: interrogator, spy, slasher, necromancer, quackk, scout, fabricator, arsonist, illusionist, tailor(swift), actress, heartbreaker, diabolist (x2, theres TheDiabolist and OtherDiabolist), disguiser, voodoo (x2), thief, cat lady (x5ish), housekeeper, filibuster , associate (maybe)

role accounts belonging to ppl who usually dont play sandbox: spy, tracker, scout, granny (now deleted), supervillan + everyone in character club

User roleaccount:

(hopefully) listed in the order of the learn page; let me know if something's out of place:


Villager: Paranoid Cop: + honorable mention to Friendly Cop: Snoop: Pathologist: and President: miller: + Demolitionist: Town Crier: Agent: (secretly ww?) Celeb: Templar: Enchantress: Party host: and Penguin: Commuter: Treestump: there is a user tree that is not linked Bride: Monkey: Cutler: Medium: and Dreamer: Lightkeeper: and Waitress, Santa: and Caroler: and user Avocadocadocado : Tracker, is santa for the holidays Roles not as active in sandbox that are town: Mason: Tracker:


Traitor: Cultist: Cthulhu: Nomad: Lover: Vengeful Spirit: Lyncher: ProphetDay8: Clockmaker: Mistletoe: Gingerbread Man: Turkey: (Turkeyman I guess?) Werewolf: Creepy girl: Mutineer: Vice President: Sidekick: and Supervillan: Old Maid: Autocrat: Politican: none but this person has a politican avi LOL


Clown: Illusionist: and Disguiser: Actress: Tailor: Don: Filibuster: Interrogator: Slasher: Necromancer: Quackk: Vent: ? kind of Diabolist: and Voodoo Lady: and Thief: Housekeeper:
Associate: Fabricator: TheArson: Terrorist: Catlady: and and Catlad and and

Roles not as active in sandbox that are mafia: Spy: Whisperer: Scout:

Mastermind: and

Disguiser12d 8h
I dunno. They just kinda came to me, like, over three years ago, and I've rolled with them ever since.
thats great
Disguiser11d 2h
Wait, Crier, did you get to read what I posted on the third page? :o
Wait, Crier, did you get to read what I posted on the third page? :o
I did :D I am a fan and like hearing about the universe
Disguiser11d 2h
Yay! :D I might actually revive it sometime...
where is ProphetDay8 she desrves love
where is ProphetDay8 she desrves love
added :D