Super's Brutally Honest Ranking Thr49

Super4mon 12d

Hello there, I am Super. Nice to meet you. I have decided to rank those who post in here on their forum mafia ability and seeing as I'm on my period (EW GROSS SUPER!!) I thought this was the best time for me to be truly honest with y'all.

Post away.


S spf (as mafia)

Object (as town)


spf (as town)


B+ Matt12, nbtnbt5

B bobert789






DiSoRiEnTeDSep 8, 2020
I'm ready to be put in F tier
SuperSep 9, 2020!
im down
hi Jess, m'love. How ya doing?

This is a hard one to do because there is so much about your forum mafia ability which I LOVE. Firstly, I would say when you are mafia you are almost impossible to beat. 1) You are very hard to get a BW on because I think people are scared of lynching you/can't read you. 2) You know how to fake town-tell and are awesome at creating logically sound reads lists as mafia. You have fooled me as mafia twice now and it honestly pains me that I can't read you (ALTHOUGH I DID READ YOU CORRECTLY IN OUR LAST GAME SO I'M HAPPY ABOUT THAT... but that game ended and everyone was town so RIP).

Your town play is good, I think you are mostly correct in your reads but sometimes miss easy reads/things in games which can lead to your downfall. I also think you may be *too* paranoid sometimes - it's good to be paranoid about a player so your reads are flexible, but I also think you should trust yourself more (I think I am mostly saying this because of how paranoid you get of me, but I forgive you <3). I remember reading your diary in Uprising before you subbed in and you went 2/2 so honestly you are pretty great at getting early reads and I think you are mostly right in them. I also love when you use your crazy reaction tests to try and get a read on a player (i.e. Greek Mafia).

Anyways, I think your Scumplay is S tier and your town play is probably an A or A+. I think you are a very logical player - but could benefit from getting tonal reads from players when scumhunting (I saw you say something about AtE not being a tell - but honestly it is a tell if you can read into it properly, that's just the way I feel about it/how I scumhunt) !
SuperSep 9, 2020
hi do me
hi boo <3

You are a newbie at forum mafia (like me) and I love your motivation to try and improve your scumhunting abilities! It's hard to rate your playstyle because I think it's very different to mine. I'm trying to remember games I've played with you where I can properly rate you - because I feel like most games you either died n1 or got lynched d1.

I think as town you can get trapped as being a bit scummy so you're an easy push - but this could be because of your inexperience to the game and the fact you asked a lot of questions/random things in your first few games. I think your reads are fairly good - you can read me the easiest out of anyone which is nice but you also have a good grasp of finding genuine townreads on people. I think a mistake of yours can be not pushing hard enough/not being confident enough to kind of lead a lynch or really push someone - I also think you discredit a lot of people's reads when they can actually be a really good read (I've seen you question people calling out dumbtells etc in games when those players were actually town). But I also think this is how you scumhunted in those games (prodding people to explain their reads better).

I think you played an incredibly good game as mafia in Vengeful. You tricked me which was sad and I think all my reads were wrong that game lmao. You also were awesome to hydra with - and most people trd you :D

I'm going to say you're still improving and your playstyle is growing as you play more games. I'm excited to see you in your next game because I think you're improving so much with every game you play ^-^

You final ranking is: B+
SuperSep 9, 2020
analyze me
hullo ! ^-^

I've really enjoyed playing with you the last few games and honestly after watching you in LOBL I was like "this is the best town player in our forum community ATM" - you literally went 2/2 and had solid reads the entire game which was honestly really impressive considering essa and shady were playing a really good game, yet you still called them out for it.

I love that you are confident when someone is mafia and you don't back down. You push that person regardless of what anyone else thinks and that is a really strong aspect of your playstyle. I also think you are a fairly easy read (for me) and Pokemafia was honestly really fun (until REDACTED) and we both had similar reads and you pushed on both mafia after I subbed out and I continued to watch you and cheer for you from the outside! Seriously though you've been going pretty much 2/2 the last two games you've played so I'm hella impressed by your scumhunting ability.

I haven't really seen you as mafia except for our forbidden action game and I barely read that/was trolling that so I can't really comment, haha. BUT we won? SO, you must be the best ;)

Town Ranking: S to A+
SuperSep 9, 2020
SuperSep 9, 2020
I'm sleeping
feistSep 9, 2020
rank honey if you want, eventually..

i am aware of my weaknesses so be honest!! i wanna see what you see
PotatoPlayzSep 12, 2020
rank mee :>
SamP4PalmerSep 14, 2020
Omg is that honey
SuperOct 24, 2020
SuperOct 24, 2020
6/10 scumgame
7.5/10 town game
SuperOct 24, 2020
Brutalize me
6/10 town game

unsure on scum game
SuperOct 24, 2020
8.5/10 scum game
9/10 town game
alexaOct 24, 2020
wow me!
SuperOct 24, 2020
Might as well make you do more work
9/10 town game
7.75/10 scum game
SuperOct 24, 2020
Oh no
5/10 town game
7 - 8 range/10 scum game
SuperOct 24, 2020
rank honey if you want, eventually..

i am aware of my weaknesses so be honest!! i wanna see what you see
need more sample sizes
SuperOct 24, 2020
wow me!
8.5/town game
haven't seen scum game
SuperOct 24, 2020
Demolish my massive ego.
SuperOct 24, 2020
1 game sample size let's go
you subbed as me in pokemon mafia and flipped all my reads which was sad and painful to watch