Super's Brutally Honest Ranking Thr49

Super4mon 12d

Hello there, I am Super. Nice to meet you. I have decided to rank those who post in here on their forum mafia ability and seeing as I'm on my period (EW GROSS SUPER!!) I thought this was the best time for me to be truly honest with y'all.

Post away.


S spf (as mafia)

Object (as town)


spf (as town)


B+ Matt12, nbtnbt5

B bobert789






bobert789Sep 6, 2020
:3 my queen
Matt12Sep 6, 2020
Ok I’d like your honest read on me.

Don’t tell me I’m bad cause i like to push MC’s ‘cause I like to utilize the mechanics of the setup. I’ll rage
staypositivefriendSep 6, 2020
im down
SuperSep 6, 2020
:3 my queen
Bobert! You are very new to the forum mafia scene and I feel like people give you little credit in games. I think the fact you've started putting more effort into the game is honestly awesome.

The problem with your playstyle isn't you but other people honestly. For some reason people don't read your posts as that genuine and mafia see this and use you as the easy lynch. I have fallen for this mistake but feel like I have a fairly solid understanding of your town!playstyle now. I think your reads are ~okay~ but I also think you should be constantly cautious, even if you might think someone is 100% town. I've realised the beauty of scumhunting in forum mafia isn't to find scumtells but to look for town. Honestly this is the best way to narrow down who mafia is (mastering the skill of reading into a post and having a feel of whether it is genuine or not is important).

I still need to see more from you in games :) but I am really happy you've started playing and your addition to the community is really nice. Please stay and join the games I'm in!

Ranking: B-tier
bobert789Sep 6, 2020
deletedSep 6, 2020
periods are gross.
deletedSep 6, 2020
that is all i wanted to say
SuperSep 6, 2020
Ok I’d like your honest read on me.

Don’t tell me I’m bad cause i like to push MC’s ‘cause I like to utilize the mechanics of the setup. I’ll rage
Hello there my favourite EM user. This evaluation of your playstyle in forum mafia will be completely unbiased and true.

Matty, firstly... I love you. I am so happy that you have played a few forum mafia games with me because honestly you've made the experience for me so much better. You are the most caring, loving human being I have ever met and I'm so happy that you started playing (ok sorry I love you so much it's hard to not just rave about you as a person here).

I think even though you are such a circlejerker (RIP those circlejerk days back in 2010...) you still play to win and have some pretty solid reads. I was so impressed by your LOBL game I honestly was shocked. Your biggest attribute is how towny you are and come across to make everyone just *know* you are town. Not many people have this skill and it honestly makes it so much harder for mafia because you are almost unlynchable. You play with your heart on your sleeve (like me) and maybe sometimes it isn't the most logical way to play but I think it's a gift that not many people can replicate.

I haven't seen you as mafia yet so that will be incredibly interesting to see.

PLEASE keep playing with me! I love you in my games and you make them more fun for me :)

Ranking: B + :D
nbtnbt5Sep 6, 2020
hi do me
ObjectSep 6, 2020
analyze me
blacksnakemoanSep 6, 2020
kristaSep 6, 2020
SonrioSep 6, 2020
Brutalize me
cricketSep 6, 2020
1 game sample size let's go
SuperSep 7, 2020
I will finish this tomorrow :)
juliaSep 7, 2020
shadySep 7, 2020
Might as well make you do more work
blacksnakemoanSep 7, 2020
i just realised this is brutally honest opinions of forum mafia not brutally honest opinions of how amazing i am as a person and now i'm scared
YesSep 7, 2020
Demolish my massive ego.
SamP4PalmerSep 7, 2020
Oh no