Open Letter to the admin team5

Medbo15d 5h

You've stayed quiet on this issue for far too long but now you will answer to the people: Why won't you comp G&H?

G&H is the most played setup on this site and it seems backwards that there is no G&H competition. I can understand if the mod team think that G&H shouldn't be part of regular comp setups but imagine if every 3/4/6 months we had a special comp round of just G&H that required less points to win the trophy.

A special G&H competition would be a short and exciting break from the often long, strenuous and boring comp setups.

My final point is, what do you really have to lose? If you did a quick G&H comp on here what would be the actual downside?

P.S this obviously isnt a super serious issue but i wholeheartedly stand by all the points made.


The People

Because it's a trash coinflip setup with no room for growth or expression of skill.
Medbo15d 5h
So? If you don't like the setup don't play it.

But many other people on here do so there is 0 harm in having a G&H competition but you can pretend there is if you want
JM12315d 4h
comp the sandbox setup aswell
NeverMaf13d 12h
Lmao this thread. GnH is literal sandbox setup. If it was played competitively it wouldn't even reach appropriate payout, because town would just pointfarm it, just like any other setup which has autowin scenario on day1
Alyssa13d 11h
GnH is literal sandbox setup.
Okay give us SOME credit here