unbelivable failure161

abusive behaviour fails on so many levels it doesnt even work to stop blatant bullying.


private message i sent to shady (some parts removed):

i was going to comment this on the drama report:

"you guys are mixing things up. one thing is the truth of the accusation; the other is the fact that it was brought up in the forums out of nowhere to mock spooky in front of everyone. p nasty, isnt it?"

thats why MP deserves to get abusive behaviour. this right here will define future Abusive behaviour reports, it NEEDS to get viod: its toxic, mean-spirited and meant to shame so people can berate the dude.

(...) totally unnecessary, (...) this is the important stuff here that i hope you dont miss this time.

this is not abt alexandra, this is simply about MP's action

charley13d 6h
jesus christ shut up