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My official gamer card is expiring soon so I've decided to try some games I've never played before.

sl0ndermanSep 15, 2020

Spoilers for the ending. I must recommend you play this for yourself, anyone can do it.

While Disco Elysium is not a classic-era whodunit, I still think it's valid to bring up how it conforms and breaks from the genre. Ronald Knox once wrote 10 "commandments" about a good detective story.

1) "The criminal must be mentioned in the early part of the story, but must not be anyone whose thoughts the reader has been allowed to know."

When a mystery's criminal ends up being a character we are not introduced to until the end, it is unsatisfying to the reader (or in this case player). As our character investigates, we too are making deductions and suspicions. Especially as Epicmafia users, we all know how it feels to suspect someone and how it feels when those suspicions are correct. In Disco Elysium, it is impossible to know who did it until the penultimate scene. We simply don't know the character exists. Furthermore, when we find him, there isn't a lot to deduce. He basically confesses immediately. Maybe this was really easy to me because I put a lot of points into the mental skills, but there was no satisfaction in finding out the culprit.

My other problem is that the game rushes right to the end. After the climactic shootout scene, the game really rushes to the end with only one day's worth of investigation before you solve the case. The shootout changes a lot of things about the world and I thought I would have to change my thinking to suit this new dynamic, but not. It basically just cancels a bunch of side-quests not related to the main plot. I was disappointed that the shootout took the place of the climax instead of the actual solving of the case. Also having the cryptid even being *suggested* as being a factor of the main case is ludicrous (as much as I was delighted to find her).
sl0ndermanSep 17, 2020
Today in Minecraft:
The first in a set of four islands.

sl0ndermanSep 29, 2020

I just finished the second case and I figured that I should take down my thoughts as I go through each one right after I play it so my reaction is as accurate as possible. And if I'm doing that, I might as well update the thread as I go.

The Foreign Turnabout: One of the best tutorial cases out of all the games. The twist was enjoyable while being simple enough for a first case. The game gives Phoenix, an expert lawyer by this point, a reason to feel out of his element with the setting. No amnesia here, Justice for All. Annoyed to see there is a new minigame like I mentioned in my post about Dual Destinies. It's much better than the Mood Matrix at least, so I'll give it a pass. Really like how they added pitch and rhythm to the text box sound effect to give the illusion of singing. Wish they did that in Dual Destinies's bonus case.
sl0ndermanSep 29, 2020

The Magical Turnabout: So terrible. I'm trying to keep this short and spoiler free but I hate this one so much. I think this is the 3rd time the series pulled the twin twist, which in my opinion is bad writing for a mystery story. I mentioned the 10 commandments of mystery stories in my Disco Elysium review, so here's another rule from that same list:

"10. Twin brothers, and doubles generally, must not appear unless we have been duly prepared for them."

I don't think this case even needed to have twins, I can imagine a few ways the same contradictions could be solved without resorting to that. I didn't care for the second twist, which is another that I feel that the game has used too many times before: the victim was alive the whole time as someone else. Roger Retinz did not need to have revenge as a motivation. The scheme could have simply been about the 3 million dollars and it would have worked fine, better even. The writing seems to imply that we should care more about the fact that Retinz was hiding his identity than the fact that he mercilessly killed a fan to carry out his plot like a complete psychopath.
I wanted to put him on death row by the time that case was over, but everyone kept talking about damn magicians. And to top it all off, I hated his breakdown, which I'll talk about next.
sl0ndermanSep 29, 2020

You can't get away from comparing sequels to previous games and I feel like breakdowns just aren't what they used to be. In each case, you slowly chip away at the lies of the witnesses and as Phoenix grows closer to the truth, so do you (often before Phoenix does most of the time). You start putting the scene together in your head, the objections grow more and more frequent as the pieces all fall into place in your mind and then you accuse the killer, knowing they have no way to get out of it now. And then they break the f*ck down. And this is your reward, seeing them trapped in their own sin. 90% of the time, it is anger. Think back to the fury of Furio Tigre's roar, Kristoph Gavin's slamming fist, or Dahlia's scream. They are furious with you, the one that stopped them, and it feels so righteous. This also allows other breakdowns to stand out more. Think of Acro's silent tears or Engarde's frantic panic. These are more compelling because it's a different to the normal rage. And now we have the breakdowns of the 3D games. I suspected it in Dual Destines, but this has just continued the pattern. All the breakdowns are much more silly, trying to paint the killer as a helpless fool. It doesn't give me the same sense of satisfaction, while the animations are fantastic, the emotion of justice is lacking. The pirate on a swaying ship, the goofy man on a segway, the phantom's mask of every character. Funny, well animated, and fits the character perfectly, but lacks all raw emotion as we've seen from previous games.
sl0ndermanSep 29, 2020!

I don't care for Nahyuta Sahdmadhi. He is, so far, and incredibly boring character that he may as well not be there. I understand that he's a monk, but he fades into the sidelines far too easily. His only other personality trait besides religion is being condescending, but that's a secondary trait of every single prosecutor in every single game, including Winston Payne. The game keeps telling me that he considers trials "last rits of the victim" and he can "see the karmic threads of the trial" but this is more telling than showing. I don't care that he trapped me into following a line of logic, Edgeworth was doing that from game one. It isn't anything special. Compare to the previous game's Simon Blackquill. A fiercely intimidating presence. His gimmick was that he could psychologically manipulate witnesses, which maybe wasn't the best way of putting. However, he had a control over the courtroom that hasn't been seen since Fransika's whip. His SILENCE manages to put him in complete control of the trial (and makes it even more satisfying to prove him wrong after he keeps interrupting). I feel like they tried to make the complete opposite character with Nahyuta, peaceful and contemplative, but failed to make him interesting. There have been hints that Apollo has a relationship with him and I just know they're going to try to make me care about this guy, but I don't see it happening.
himaSep 29, 2020
whats your favorite game ?
Mother 3 for the Game Boy Advance
correct answer

have u played any of the lisa games (lisa the first, lisa the painful, lisa the joyful)? if u like earthbound and mother 3 u would probably rly enjoy them, especially the painful
sl0ndermanSep 29, 2020!

The Rite of Turnabout: This was good. It kept me in suspense, which is a good thing. Too often does to player understand what really happened before the characters do, which means that you're just itching to get your chance to prove what you already figured out. In this case, there were multiple moments where I was completely unsure where things would go, which kept me very engaged and allowed for multiple great moments of personal revelation. It seems that, so far, the cases in Khura'in have a more compelling plot and better writing.

I heard the next case is absolutely terrible but I'll try not to let that influence my own opinion.

have u played any of the lisa games (lisa the first, lisa the painful, lisa the joyful)? if u like earthbound and mother 3 u would probably rly enjoy them, especially the painful
on my list. i'll likely post about them in this thread when i get to them.
sl0ndermanOct 6, 2020

Turnabout Storyteller. This was such an obvious filler case it was painful. I just wanted to continue to main story but I had to get through this trial with the lowest stakes ever. While I appreciate some insight into a obscure piece of Japanese culture, I don't really care about Simon's favorite noodle shop. Nahyuta is still lame in this case. For someone who allegedly knows "where a trial is going," he seems to get caught off guard more than anyone before him.

And for the worst part: Using dissociative identity disorder as a twist. It wasn't portrayed in a respectful or even realistic way. Like twins, it seems like a tool of lazy mystery writing than any form of representation.

The mood matrix still sucks. It doesn't seem like the writers know what they want Athena's character to be and they have no idea what to do with Simon after Dual Destinies.

Unrelated to this case specifically: I hate the Wright Anything Agency joke. They do two things, it is entirely possible that they could just have two businesses running out of the same office. It just serves to make the whole setting of the games sillier.
sl0ndermanOct 6, 2020

I'm still not sure if this was long or not. When I think of a long case, I think of Rise from the Ashes that had like 5 days. It started out with a lot of interesting story. I appreciated the father-son bonding moments.

The civil case part was OK. I heard it was a major marketing thing and it was cool to see Apollo face off against Phoenix, but then it devolves into yet another murder case where the defense fingers the killer. I was hoping this would be the one case that wasn't a murder trial but I guess these writers can only write one thing.

Holy crap Maya, stop getting kidnapped. I really hate that as soon as she comes back, these plot points are repeated straight away. She's an adult woman, not a kid anymore, she shouldn't be getting into trouble like this anymore.

I'm glad that Queen Ga'ran shows up to be the final boss prosecutor, we haven't seen that happen in the games for a while and it serves to increase the tension. She still didn't seem as powerful as someone like Mr. von Karma who dominated the court room, but instead flexed her power by passing pretty meaningless laws (until the last one that has you a gun point but come on game, do you really think I'm going to pick the "Give Up" option ever? Would you ever let me pick it before having the character reverse it for me?). There were a lot of twists in this case, and all of them felt fair. I was only just ahead of this one mentally, instead of having solved it 20 minutes ago while Apollo doesn't know what's going on. I just wish that next game we get more grounded cases with less perfect disguises because people can channel the dead.
sl0ndermanOct 9, 2020
here's a small rant: stop making your rerelease uglier

ace attorney is good example. compare the crisp, deliberate pixelart to the HD remake's crooked lines and flatness

but everyone now plays the second one because it's on steam. i hate looking at it.

chrono trigger was another that got a steam port and to make it look more modern, they just slapped one of those pixel smoothing filters on it. after complaints the finally let people enable the old graphics.

Another thing about pixel art is how timeless it is. MGS1 and MGS2 both look their age, but MGS1's codec looks way better than 2's because it used sprites instead of early 3d models. In 50 years, we're going to think how ugly modern 3d models are and the same thing is going to happen: stylized games are going to look better longer.

sl0ndermanOct 13, 2020
Just finished Chapter 3 of paper mario thousand year door. I started and then didn't finish the first Paper Mario like 3 times so i'm determined to see this one to the end and not abandoning it.

I also got banned in runescape, possibly permanently this time. Autoclickers are more fun than the actual game.


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