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MasterCthulhu6mon 10d

i know you fools. i know you disgusting sniveling wretches like i know the back of my hand. i can feel your grubby little paws itching to create and spam comments on " Opinion Threads™️ ".

well i am here to tell you NO. i am here to provide an outlet for your sick desires. i am here to help you all sublimate your primal cravings for others' attention. if you do not know what the word " sublimate " means, this is just further proof that you are spending too much time reading the thoughts of socially-starved, MOBA-obsessed gremlins, instead of reading Books. Classics such as " The Lightning Thief " or any Book from the critically acclaimed series Redwall.

To return to the point at hand, I am making an unprecedented kind of opinion thread. you may ask me for my opinion on anything EXCEPT yourself. That's Right. direct your curiosity towards pursuits other than that of idle Vanity. in fact. you cannot ask me for my opinion on ANYONE directly connected to ebic amfia. non-compliance will be met with swift and exacting punishment.

ask away (-:

MasterCthulhuDec 4, 2020
opinion on smoothie bowls? Like the kind that the white girls on youtube make
yuck lmao i didnt reply at first cuz i wanted to think of a good response but this rly is all i have to say LMAO
MasterCthulhu1mon 17d
i am on a long car ride back home right now and i somehow forgot to post my very long rant about the grammies in this thread but the way the weeknd saved the music industry during a global pandemic only to get utterly snubbed .... Recording Academy, God Will Handle You

anyways ask me more stuff lol
did i ever post here
Furansu1mon 16d
yeah what's your opinion on https://epicmafia.com/topic/95704
MasterCthulhu1mon 16d
yeah what's your opinion on https://epicmafia.com/topic/95704
the streets needed this one! might have to bring this one back myself
emsychum1mon 15d
trying to listen to an album a day all of 2021. recommend me one : )
MasterCthulhu1mon 15d
trying to listen to an album a day all of 2021. recommend me one : )
ill slap recommended albums along w my favorite track from each one

KIKI -- kiana lede (2020)

FEELS -- snoh aalegra (2017)

After Laughter -- paramore (2017)


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someone stop her

petition for someone--anyone--to stop this crazy bicth from making these unhinged threads
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