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aquarius5mon 8d

an AMA thread game

i have 9 lives. if i refuse to answer a question i lose a life. whoever makes me lose my ninth life wins the thread

off limits: anything that would out sensitive personal information about me such as my address, etc this should be obvious but yknow it's ecpimafia. also opinions are lame but i will answer them if you want

current lives:9

aquariusAug 21, 2020
whats ur favorite epicmafia memory and why? (if "favorite" is too broad substitute "funniest")
well i don't think i have a single favorite memory but rather a collection of memories and emotions from my time on this website as a high schooler

definitely any memories having to do with meeting zach here, late night tinychats, good conversations (and fights) in the chatbox back where it belongs, playing jackbox on twitch... i still feel pretty nostalgic for those memories because i was happy and carefree then and had very little responsibility. and maybe my mental health was better.

i used to keep screenshots of funny moments but i deleted them years ago when i took a hiatus in college, i kinda regret it but tbh i don't really need them to remember fun times. plus this website has changed a ton and those memories are just bygones now and i'm living a different life! with my epicmafia husband of course.
aquariusAug 21, 2020
would you go on survivor irl if you were able to
i would love to if i were more in shape, but i don't think i would survive very long on there just based on my lacking physical capabilities
aquariusAug 21, 2020
what are your thoughts on this image
aquariusAug 21, 2020
thoughts on this statement:

Tea is a soup, chai is curry.
tea is not a soup, it's tea

and chai is a type of tea so it is not curry
DaddyJohnWickAug 22, 2020!
is there anyone on that you secretly dislike? >:D im evil
aquariusAug 22, 2020
is there anyone on that you secretly dislike? >:D im evil

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