Can mod help me pls4

WikiX6mon 13d

I'm trying to get access to my account made in 2009 (WikiBlue) I tried to reset pw but not getting an email. Anyway you can help me get access to it please?

sachyyAug 16, 2020
Have you checked the spam box. If its not coming through the mods can't do anything
sachyyAug 16, 2020!
wikiblue isnt a main. Wikired might be. Try resetting the password for that account.
charleyAug 17, 2020
unfortunately, sachyy is right there is nothing that we can do to help you. You could try emailing the site owner and asking him for help ([email protected]) but theres a good chance he won't reply. I'm really sorry, but yeah, wikiblue is not the main account. I'll pm you the main to the account and you can try that!
sachyyAug 17, 2020!
hes already in