post your setups!!!13

space5mon 6d

i want to start hosting more setups from other users so please feel free to drop standard 12ps, 8ps, creative setups, whatever you got!!!

no cop setups tho
no pigs in space or space games

some setups i can recommend for you guys right off the bat:

Art's Official Funbox by Artic (12p)

Whatever Happened to Fun? by Oprah (12p)

Bad Times @ the 3rds El Royale by MasterCthulhu (15p 3rds)

welcome to the party by MasterCthulhu (creative)

spaceAug 15, 2020
a moment of silence for the C in Creative
KenmaAug 15, 2020
all gun, all fun! 8p (aka the rootinest tootinest point n shootinest setup on ebicmafya)

yak in the box! 12p

8p yak in the box hehe
caitelatteAug 15, 2020!
Here's my 8p with roles that are reasonable for a shorter game:

8p multimaf voodoo ofc (though i found out that shayne made a 10p setup called "Password" in like 2018: )

6p dead hours setup

GUNSGUNSGUNS 12p:, 8p:, 6p:

we also made this cute conversion game with hooker, yak, virgins and mistletoes which requires a bit too much thinking most of the time
sl0ndermanAug 15, 2020
i don't know how balanced it is but it was fun
LeEpicHAug 15, 2020
NoobyAug 15, 2020
emsychumAug 16, 2020
spaceAug 19, 2020
YAY THANK YOU keep 'em comin i'm gonna start hosting these throughout the next few nights
StupidoAug 22, 2020
idk how balanced this is, willing to test it out
WesaiAug 22, 2020
AlyssaOct 10, 2020
I'm going to sticky this topic. Feel free to use it to advertise setups for Sandbox in general
spaceOct 10, 2020
Logan5123Oct 12, 2020


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what's your favorite type of setup?