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If you have been suffering for years with no in-game music while you play on mozilla firefox firefox firefox here's something that works:

Enable Adobe Flash at the left side of the search bar (where the lock, slider, and lego block are).

That's literally it and I don't know how I've never noticed this before. Thank you and I hope this helped someone

caitelatteAug 14, 2020
In December 2020, Flash support will be completely removed from consumer versions of Firefox. Adobe will stop shipping security updates for Flash at the end of 2020.
SheffreyAug 14, 2020
caite will you be shipping security updates instead
caitelatteAug 15, 2020
no, flash all my homies hate flash
deletedAug 15, 2020
flash all your homies? if you say so...
there are people who play with music on?
IceyBluAug 16, 2020
Firefox is still better than Chrome, and now literally every popular browser except Firefox and Safari is basically Chrome since they all use Chromium. But the main reason is because Firefox doesn't steal information about you and sell it to advertising companies, whereas Chrome and everything else using Chromium does

Firefox is still better than Chrome

I am my own name and I approve of this mesage.
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