Hi I'm new28

Skoffin5mon 23d

Hi Friends

I'm new here; can I get some guidance?

miltonAug 10, 2020
If you want to play seriously play in Main
If you want to play casually play in Sandbox
But if you want to make people angry, play casually in Main. Sh!t's hilarious.
lol facts
ChaikaAug 11, 2020
Hello new players
TheWorstAug 14, 2020
I'm new too.
Just have fun and play like you would any normal mafia game.

It might take a bit of time to understand the mechanics of this game but I'm sure you'll pick them up with time.
SkoffinAug 16, 2020
I'm new too.
Duuuude why you never on discord
WarrensAug 16, 2020
hi new im dad
ari17d 4h
user number 623 wtf