some oakie doakie rankings89

oaks1mon 14d

coasting off the wild success of my last rankings thread i thought i'd make another but here's the twist: u already know what ur in for

  1. how good ur avi is on a scale of 0-10
  2. how good i think u are at sandbox 0-10 (0 means idk for this one)
  3. how well i think i know u on a scale of 0-10
  4. the likelihood of me attempting to befriend you if i joined em as a new user today 0-10 (this is not based on current feelings i have towards you)
  5. i will name a random item in my room
  6. i will rank your username 1-10 (0 is for the -ism crowd)
  7. i will rank your profile video 0-10
  8. i will rank ur profile overall 0-10
  9. i rank your username color (default gets automatic 10 because we don't do capitalism here)
  10. give me 5 of your favorite movies and i will rank your taste 0-10

if you don't list movies ur just gonna get zero tbh i'm tired of playing catch up bc y'all won't read

meow1mon 13d
nepenthe1mon 13d
short term 12, the tale of princess kaguya, me earl and the dying girl, locke, perfect blue
meow1mon 13d
oops im illiterate
kubo, get out, knives out, kiki’s delivery service, stardust
malones1mon 12d
this is really hard....................... ummmmmmm these are in NO particular order

dead poet's society, do the right thing, the hours, anna karenina, angels in america... but also would like to give honorable mentions to mother (bong joon ho film not the one with jlaw) and the death of stalin
dooze1mon 12d
dooze1mon 12d
Oops on mobile didn’t mean to send without movies- Finding Nemo, Moonrise Kingdom, Airplane!, The Princess Bride, Cabin in the Woods idk I don’t really watch movies but these are ones I will watch for my whole life
tigermom1mon 12d
i don't really have favorite films but some that i've seen in the last 2 years that i remember were parting glances, sound of my voice, notes on an appearance lol and trois couleurs bleu. i'll add wild child and mean girls to the mix for variety's sake
Mizzmox1mon 8d
samantha1mon 8d
do me


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oaks does the best rankings