Free anxiety11

Alyssa1mon 19d

we get that just by coming on EM anyhow

Alyssa1mon 19d
Alyssa1mon 19d
Sister thread

now give me music that raises ur blood pressure
Coffeeditto1mon 19d
i know this song! the music video is even worse, they're like the french gangs or something
Coffeeditto1mon 19d
showerfairy1mon 19d
People of culture in here :)

I was gonna say the Stress MV was insane.
showerfairy1mon 19d!
rigby1mon 18d
the breathing noises in this song are so stressful like. its a good f*cking song and the breathing makes it better but well
Alyssa1mon 18d
Who could forget the woman worldwide version whoops

LeChuck1mon 17d
Alyssa23d 11h
Spooky23d 10h
Can I donate anxiety to charity?