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tigermom1mon 16d

The idea of not revealing a ranking seems very self-indulgent and has enraged tigermom enough to push the pendulum of these threads towards the other extreme: instant gratification. With this in mind, here's four rankings for you to subject yourself to:

  1. Something that I think has happened to you in the past.
  2. How not chill are you? (1-5, 0 is surfer dude 6 is crazy ex)
  3. What celebrity do I think you'd vibe with based on your em persona.
  4. What's an accessory/piece of clothing I think you'd like.

As you can see, only one of these is an actual ranking. Confused about one of the rankings? I grant you the right to ask me about it provided you rank me as well (don't have to do it immediately or all 4 of them). At the same time I may choose not to rank you in all four categories so as to keep the answers natural and accurate. Thank you.

meow1mon 15d
nice thread
Anexx1mon 15d
I wish to be judged by tigermom
Oh nothing but snaps for my tiger mom
Wesai1mon 15d
Oh nice
magyarmester1mon 15d
:o wow I like the transparance
jacobkrin1mon 15d
N0tSuspic0s1mon 15d
SexyMuriel1mon 15d
it's me
silver011mon 15d
can i get a rating
luis4rod1mon 15d
quasimodo1mon 14d
dont rank me i just feel like commenting on a thread
tigermom1mon 14d!
1. You had a non-cat pet as a kid.
2. 3.6
3. Billie Lourd
tigermom1mon 14d!
hello i would kindly enjoy a ranking
1. One of your parents worries a lot. Or they're both very happy.
2. 0.4
3. David Foster Wallace
tigermom1mon 14d
also i realised this is not a ranking thread this is literally just 4 separate ask me and i'll tell you threads in one... lmao... i think i'll do maybe 2 in a day

btw if you feel like i didn't capture your spirit at all and you're raging TELL ME because that way this thread becomes more fun and interactive. these aren't suppose to be 100% truthful anyway
joqiza1mon 14d
nah I thought yours was pretty true for me I did laugh when I saw you said Joe Rogan but honestly I can kind of see it. I can't imagine ever wearing that necklace tho
embrin1mon 14d
this looks like fun!
dooze1mon 12d
Garou1mon 12d
DoggieBone1mon 12d
magyarmester1mon 12d
65000 visits how? :o


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