Please make another rule for ban6

ElonMost9d 20h

Not sure what it's called, but it's a form of spamming where they repeatedly scream why they're town and someone is maf, but don't bother to read anything other people are saying. The type to spam, " F*ck you, i would never n1 jose, you idiots!!!" for like 10 minutes, and then ask, "who are the clears?" when it goes to kicks.

A few examples: - Zippy - Pranay - DarkB - Betmen

mandevian9d 20h
If anyone does this despite being asked to stop, you can report for spamming. Rule is already there.
betmen9d 19h
top kek
DarkB9d 19h
DarkB9d 19h
"and then ask, 'who are the clears?' when it goes to kicks."

wrong person
F*ck you, i would never n1 jose, you idiots!!
JM1238d 12h
did someone call me