Accent Challenge 2020392

Ever wondered what your fellow EM nerds sound like? Yeah neither. But we're going to do it anyway.

What is it?

We give you a list of words to say, you record yourself saying them in your normal speaking voice - accent, stutter, vocal fry, and all. Use to record your segment.

If you have suggestions for words to be added to the list, comment below and I'll edit them in.

The Speech

Start with: your EM username and where you're from! If you're in America, include the state because there are so many regional accents. If you want, you can include your first name as well.

After that, pronounce each of these words: vitamin, aluminium, privacy, schedule, ate, garage, water, mobile, advertisement, herb, pecan, crayon, lawyer, pajamas, diverse, direction, caramel, either, oil, tomato, against, sorry, scary, coupon, data, envelope, exquisite, kilometre, mischievous, miniature, orange, sherbet, vase, route, salmon.

EM Users with difficult names: Soluciones

Name 5 EM users: (e.g. pranay, bsm just 5 names other than your own)

What do you call a carbonated non-alcoholic drink?:

How many languages do you speak?

End the recording however you like.

sexsymbol5d 16h
sevenseas5d 16h
sexsymbol5d 15h

I listened to Patryk's vocaroo and woke up in heaven like this
sexsymbol5d 15h
I love your accent Patryk <3 It's refreshing, you did not sound at all like I expected

I listened to Patryk's vocaroo and woke up in heaven like this
i love everything about this
Thank you all for giving me faith.
Btw I used to learn in school that a carbonated non-alcoholic drink is fizzy drink them I met matt.
Getting embarassed is the first step to overcome boundaries.
I've been saying 'PartySi-ze-kie' my entire life. Man you sound like you are a Fifa commentator
Clair4d 23h
hell yeah dog guy!!!!
No joke, I just found out I know someone who posted a vocaroo here in real life. It's a small world after all.
Thank you to blacksnakemoan for proving that there's a strong correlation to the people I know and their shit taste in websites.
marry3d 17h
What's your favourite accent? (only had room for dominant english speaking sorry!)