jeff’s house57

Jeff1mon 23d

this is my house and i will do stuff in my house maybe it’s a journal not sure

mssbookIover1mon 21d
i have sad news. i tried to join a pokemon go facebook group today and for the entry question it asked me to type in my fave pokemon and i typed mudkip and it auto corrected on my phone to muslim so i got banned for islamophobia
debaser1mon 21d
i'm glad the pokemon facebook leadership is cracking down on the rampant islamophobia in the pokemon community
Pinche1mon 20d
going to watch the danish girl
Pinche1mon 20d
god, that was heartbreaking.
Pinche1mon 19d
Just watched Creep and it was horrifying
Jeff1mon 19d
tonight I’m watching Molly’s Game
Jeff1mon 12d
last night I wanted phantom menace now I’m watching clone wars
marry1mon 12d
*knock knock* can I come into Jeff's house
Jeff1mon 12d
welcome inside would you like some weed
Sonrio1mon 12d
last night I wanted phantom menace now I’m watching clone wars
i watched phantom menace every watching 2-8 first and ive gotta say it was the best way to watch it as a buffer before 9
Jeff1mon 11d
revenge of the sith night.
marry1mon 10d
welcome inside would you like some weed
yes 2 weeds please
Zayn1mon 10d
2 weeds up
Jeff1mon 5d
dear diary,

today was a long day. tomorrow school starts and i'll have my newest crop of kids. I am very excited but I was crying at work today because we were told they predict we will close again by next week based off how other school openings have gone. I hate teaching online and the stress and anxiety it gives me made me cry. I am scared.
Tenacity24d 18h
have you ever contemplated that we all live our lives until it’s not worth being alive anymore and then we just.... keep living
Jeff17d 3h
tonight was the end of the third week of school. i have good students but it’s emotionally taxing feeling like i don’t know what i am working towards. are we just gonna shut down again in a few weeks and i have to go online teaching again? i hate this.

the boys season 2 just dropped on Netflix so I am watching it rn
krystal17d 12m
Wow that'c crazy you guys are even open already :O


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